Gregers Kvartal


Since December 2020, Marketer has had the pleasure of partnering with USBL on their project Gregers Kvartal. The project received fantastic feedback from the market, resulting in over 70% sold within the 3 first months. USBL is one of Norway's largest property developers, and their properties range from large urban apartments to cosy suburban attached houses.

Our ambition from the beginning was to showcase the unique qualities of the project. Marketer had full responsibility for the marketing efforts, including design of all ads and copywriting, creation of a customised landing page, as well as specific audience targeting. This, combined with the great collaboration with USBL, the campaigns resulted in:

  • Approximately 25,000 unique visitors on the webpage
  • Almost 2,000 leads

As a final result, over 70% of the apartments were sold within the 3 first months.

Take a look at some of the ads below:

Read more about Gregers Kvartal here: