The Peninsula Hope Island

ASF Group

AFS is a global developer with over 40 years of experience building world-class tourism, mixed-use and urban regeneration projects in Australia and beyond. Marketer is proud to deliver digital marketing for one of their finest projects in Australia, near Brisbane. You can read more about the project below.

ASF has been a client since August 2020, in which they have had full control of their digital marketing through Marketer's digital platform. For The Peninsula Hope Island, they wanted to reach both local and international leads, followed by digital ads being run across multiple channels in several continents such as Hong Kong, Australia, Indonesia and the US.

The leads were forwarded to all AFS brokers located in their many offices around the globe, and the results have been significant. A great deal of units have been sold already, and AFS has continued to use Marketer's platform for the ongoing development stages, in which we are very happy to be of assistance.