We provide insight through the smart use of data

Data is in our DNA

The data department at Marketer delivers success through identifying, testing and developing smart data solutions. Data provides insight and in many ways it forms the foundation of Marketer – it is in our DNA, and is pivotal in creating the most intelligent, automated, and data-driven PropTech solutions on the market.

Our main responsibilities range from structuring and maintaining our data, building the smartness of our ad deliveries, to revealing subtle insights through machine learning and putting those insights to work.

Extensive use of quality data that transforms into valuable insight is in many ways the foundation that the company is built upon

We are looking for more talent

We are looking for people who want to shape the future of Marketer and the real estate industry. Being with us means being part of a hungry and creative environment that fosters innovation.

As a part of the data department, you will play a key role in the development of Marketer, which is currently in a particularly thriving phase. We only use top modern tools and working methods, we offer a steep learning curve and we promise to ensure that you succeed at Marketer.

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