"Working in our team means developing using bleeding-edge technologies in an evolving proptech market. Having the flexibility of working with the latest technology allows us to move and adapt quickly in a fast-paced industry." - Artyom Pertsovsky, VP Engineering

The team behind developing our technology

The tech department at Marketer manages the development and innovation of both existing and new solutions that empower our customers to sell real estate faster and smarter. By using modern tools, we create the most intelligent, automated, and data-driven PropTech-solutions on the market.

They are highly important for Marketer's journey towards revolutionizing real estate transactions worldwide.

Synergies across departments are key to drive innovation

In the last years, our team of talented developers has grown substantially and now consists of full-stack engineers, frontend and backend developers, quality assurance specialists, data scientists, data engineers, and data analysts.

They have a central role in the company, managing the development and innovation of our existing and new solutions. In collaboration with the product team and UX designers, they are able to create innovative products, designs, and features, while conducting daily optimization to ensure the best customer experience for our clients at all times.

React with Ruby on Rails

Our developers have flexibility when it comes to choosing both technology and architecture to best solve the challenges at hand. The core of our end-to-end solution, M360, is built on two libraries; Ruby on Rails for the backend, and React for the frontend. The team have always been passionate about Ruby development and are up-to-date on the latest within the language. It is also favourable as the Rails is an excellent tool for testing automation and rapid application development which is valuable in such a fast-paced and ever-changing landscape.

React is a tool allowing our developers to create solutions that align very well with complex designs and animations. In addition, the components of the language can be replicated in different interfaces, making it a tidy and comprehensive tool. The benefits of the two make a perfect combination for an advanced and interactive platform.

Get challenged with our pair programming initiative

When someone chooses to challenge themselves with learning something new, we have an initiative called “Pair programming”, where the employee sits in on a task being done by someone with more experience in that field. They can also choose to do the opposite, where the more experienced one acts as a navigator and assists when necessary.

This initiative is done remotely as many of our developers live in different parts of the world. Doing a task through pair programming will take a longer time, but in our experience, the quality of the coding from this initiative is higher through sharing of knowledge and instant code review. Our developers also continue their learning curve and enhance their expertise which benefits both the company and the employees long-term

"With a great passion for the art of programming and use of top modern tools we create solutions that are revolutionising the PropTech-sector."

Artyom Petrovski

VP of Engineering

We are looking for innovative developers

We are looking for people who want to shape the future of Marketer and the real estate industry.

Being a part of us means being part of a creative environment that fosters and encourages innovation. In the tech department you will have access to top modern tools, and you will be a part of one of the most ambitious engineer-teams in the PropTech-sector. You will also play a key role in the development of Marketer.

We offer you the chance to challenge yourself and the opportunity to grow your career within technology.

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