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We aim to offer the best marketing and e-commerce infrastructure for selling newbuild projects. Our automated marketing solutions and powerful storefronts are optimized end-to-end to create more and better leads and save you time. Utilize our data-driven methodology to leap into the future of efficient digital sales.

M360 – The end-to-end e-commerce platform for real estate

M360 is our most ambitious update yet. Your website currently sits on untapped potential. By turning it into a true e-commerce solution with our conversion optimized storefront you can optimize all parts of your real estate sales. Also, everything you need to manage better, market smarter and sell faster, is available through one beautiful, user-friendly application.

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Having a clear strategy for use of data and scale is key in today's market. Many clients have to deal with fragmented solutions, different suppliers, valuable time spent handling, optimizing and reporting, combined with ever changing privacy demands. This creates a costly restraint on your operation. We aim to solve this.


Sharing insights in an easy, understandable way is a key aspect of M360. We believe better insights create better decisions. It’s how we build our automatic products and services, and how we want you to operate to improve your business.


Marketing is at the very heart of Marketer and the main contributor to attracting buyer interest. Our market leading targeting and campaign solution is the foundation that provides unique data and learning that add value to the rest of our system and services.


By combining marketing and storefront into one e-commerce experience we can learn and convert leads to sales like never before. Your storefront is always up to date and optimized for conversion. It’s never been better to sell real estate digitally.

With its state of the art technology combined with good real estate and commercial understanding, Marketer is a completely natural choice for us. The ability to analyze the customer's needs and at the same time create targeted campaign solutions, means that the collaboration with Marketer is something more than an outstanding technological solution in nice packaging.

Jørn P. WollebekkPartner - Eiendomsplan Management AS

For our project Aveny Vest, we used Marketer to create digital marketing campaigns and user-friendly websites. These tools helped us reach our goal by a good margin.

Birgitte DalsørenSales Manager - Skanska Eiendomsutvikling

Our experience is that Marketer is the best at getting potential home buyers to register interest via our landing pages. Marketer is hands-on in customizing messages, products and reporting.

Nina Cathrin HageProject Manager - Solon Eiendom ASA

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