Newbuild Developers

Find the right buyers and sell units faster with automated marketing solutions.

Marketer’s intelligent and automated marketing solutions are designed to help you sell new build units at the right price to the right people at the right time.

We utilize a wealth of historical and statistical data to deliver clear marketing forecasts, optimized project presentations, and provide a real time project overview that helps you stay on top of every stage of your sales process.

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All you need in one integrated platform

Let Marketer take the hard work out of selling your properties so you can focus on building them.

The Marketer platform has everything you need to create tailored and optimized marketing experiences for buyers from all over the world; whether they're first time buyers looking for a home or investors looking to expand their portfolio.

Our comprehensive range of automated, AI-powered products integrate with your CRM and are designed to help new build developers sell units faster and for a higher price.

The right content for the right people

We know that the overall success of your property development projects is dependent on the success rate and speed of your unit sales. And further that securing successful sales relies on your ability to place the right content in front of the right people at the right time.

Thankfully, with Marketer, that's easy! Our bespoke and automated marketing solutions for real estate optimize project presentations through our portal for new builds and targeted ads to make sure the right people see your properties, consequently, become high quality leads.

Keep track of leads in real time

Creating the right content and getting the right people to see your advertising to generate high quality leads is only half the job. Making sure leads are promptly followed up to move them from interested buyer to property owner can be a challenge.

At Marketer we developed AI-powered products such as the Live Report Dashboard to enable you to check lead management status and receive real time updates of your project's progression without needing to chase third parties or wait for feedback. That means you can focus on developing the highest quality real estate, without worrying if leads are being followed up.

More transparent processes

Marketer's integrated and automated solutions for new build developers are designed with transparency and collaboration in mind. Our solutions automatically send data directly to your CRM and even trigger emails for your partner agent, ensuring improved leads management, greater transparency and a smoother sales process.

Products like our Marketing Forecasts not only give a clear and precise picture of the marketing plan but can be easily prepared and shared with partners. In addition, the Live Dashboard feature gives you and your project partners a real time overview of sales, leads management status, distribution and more at the click of a button; making sure everyone can check the project status whenever they need.

With its state of the art technology combined with good real estate and commercial understanding, Marketer is a completely natural choice for us. The ability to analyze the customer's needs and at the same time create targeted campaign solutions, means that the collaboration with Marketer is something more than an outstanding technological solution in nice packaging.

Jørn P. WollebekkPartner - Eiendomsplan Management AS

For our project Aveny Vest, we used Marketer to create digital marketing campaigns and user-friendly websites. These tools helped us reach our goal by a good margin.

Birgitte DalsørenSales Manager - Skanska Eiendomsutvikling

Our experience is that Marketer is the best at getting potential home buyers to register interest via our landing pages. Marketer is hands-on in customizing messages, products and reporting.

Nina Cathrin HageProject Manager - Solon Eiendom ASA


We use real time data and AI to understand the real estate market, gain valuable insights about market participants and potential buyers, and help you keep track of your sales progress.


Help potential buyers visualize their new properties with Marketer. Our Visualize products have been developed to empower you to show properties in their best light to prospective buyers every time.


Make the most of your marketing budgets and generate high quality leads. These tools are designed to help you monitor, adjust and analyze campaigns in real time and position your real estate property at the right price, in the right place with the right content and to the right people for faster sales.

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