10 reasons why your next home should be a new build property

August 19, 2021

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Have you ever considered purchasing a brand new home but avoided it due to uncertainties? Investing in a new home is a big decision, so it is important to evaluate your options carefully. We have put together a list of advantages and things to consider when buying new build properties.

A recent study by JM on homebuyers in three of the Nordic countries indicates that more people are valuing larger units, smarter technical solutions, and environmentally friendly properties when looking for a new home. Homebuyers are increasingly expecting properties to be energy efficient, digitally integrated, and provide positive health effects. Furthermore, it is expected that future homes will help the homebuyer save money for example through smarter use of electricity or infrastructure supporting el-vehicles. These shifts in the needs of homebuyers are helping property developers to decide what to prioritize when building new homes.

There are certain advantages to enjoy when buying a brand new home that you do not necessarily get when purchasing a second-hand home. Listed below are ten such advantages of investing in new build properties:

  1. 1You can move in fast. When buying a new build home, there is no need to wait for the past owner to move out before you can move in.
  2. 2You are the first person living there. Everything is brand new and there are no scratches or repairs that need to be fixed. You can move in without thinking about remodeling the home first or dealing with any unpleasant surprises.
  3. 3Less maintenance. New build homes often include modern appliances and solutions that require less maintenance. They also often come with a warranty providing an extra element of security to your new home.
  4. 4Energy-efficient and environmentally friendly. Increasingly stricter regulations and standards with regards to methods of construction and materials used are being put in place with a strong focus on energy efficiency and environmental impact. This also leads to a better indoor climate and increased quality of life in general.
  5. 5Social common areas. In new development projects, there is often a focus on creating lively social areas such as roof terraces and green areas. In addition, the area surrounding the development will often have shops, cafés, parks, and public transportation nearby.
  6. 6Tailor your home to your needs. In some projects, you can affect how your home is designed and choose solutions that are fitted to your needs. To be able to do this, it is important to get involved at an early stage of the project.
  7. 7Modern solutions of high quality. This may entail open-plan solutions or light spaces, as well as a good indoor climate. Moreover, most new homes will have balconies or outdoor areas.
  8. 8Cheaper living costs. Connected with the above point, the modern and high-quality solutions are often contributing to cheaper living costs as no upgrades are needed in the near future. Compared to older homes, new homes tend to be better isolated and have lower heating costs.
  9. 9More time for what matters. While your new home is under construction, you will have time to carefully plan the interior of your new home. If you are selling your previous home, you will also have more time to plan ahead and sell at a time that suits you.
  10. 10A good investment. Most people want to make a good investment when purchasing a home, and new build homes are by many seen as the best way to invest your money. If this is important to you, you should make sure to invest at an early stage as the prices tend to be lower at the start. This is due to the property developer wanting to ensure a good start to the sales process, eventually leading to a lower risk for the project as a whole. In turn, it provides better returns on your investment as the prices increase. We recommend that you try to stay up to date on new projects that are coming for sale so that you can invest early. A good way to stay updated is to create a user on newbuilds.com or eiendom.no so that you can keep track of your favorite projects that are coming for sale and register your interest early.

Now that you have some information about the advantages of new build homes, we invite you to our portals newbuilds.com and eiendom.no to start looking for your dream home or next investment opportunity.

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