Marketer has hired Anna Maridal from Schibsted

May 20, 2022

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Marketer announces the employment of Anna Maridal from Schibsted as their new VP of Data Products. Maridal has been assigned significant responsibility for Marketer's overall product strategy as well as for certain key operational products. She started in the position on April 1, 2022.

Maridal comes from the position of Product Manager at the international media company Schibsted, where she has been for eight years, of which the first four years was at their London office. Among other things, she was responsible for the company's internal data management system and was heavily involved in developing Schibsted into an integrated product and technology company through its responsibility within an increasingly comprehensive international product portfolio.

At Marketer, Maridal will be responsible for Marketer’s product strategy and for the operational management of our two portals and These are full-service digital platforms for residential property in new buildings for the Norwegian and international real estate markets, respectively. Maridal's relevant experience in technology, data, internationalisation and fact-driven customer solutions is optimal for the areas of responsibility she takes over at Marketer, as well as for the company's general ongoing development.

“This was an opportunity I could not say no to when it was first put on the table”, says Anna Maridal. “Not only is it extremely inspiring and challenging to me professionally, but what Marketer has succeeded in so far combined with the roadmap for the company's near-term ambitious development is very exciting. I have always welcomed new challenges and here I see that I can utilize both my expertise and my experiences in a complementary way while I can take big steps in my professional development. I have already been here for a few weeks, and I look forward with enormous joy to contribute with full power to everything Marketer will achieve in the years to come.”

Amir F. Habhab, CEO and co-founder of Marketer, shares the same enthusiasm: “We are very pleased to be able to include Anna in our team. Over the past year and a half, we have invested significant resources in our two portals for new buildings, and when we now needed a new leader for these areas, we could not have found a better person to be in charge of the portals. Anna's background from Schibsted, her relevant expertise in product management, and especially her drive and personality make her fit in very well with Marketer.”

Read the press release in Estate here.

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