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Solon wants to take clear ownership of their data

December 6, 2022
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Several real estate developers have data spread over multiple systems, without access to be able to make use of it. Over the past year, Solon Eiendom has collaborated with Marketer on developing a new digital strategy to enable them to take more ownership of their own data and use the insight to optimize within and across projects.

Focus on quality, architecture, and originality

Solon Eiendom is a newbuild developer that delivers homes with unique architecture and good living qualities.

- We focus on quality and originality, and are very keen to have partnerships where we together have a vision for what we are going to develop, says Marketing Director Ida Stokstad.

Image: Ida Stokstad, Marketing Director at Solon Eiendom

Since 2019, Solon Eiendom has collaborated closely with Marketer on digital marketing of newbuild projects in Norway. That has led to a collaboration where both parties dare to make demands, challenge each other to think outside the box, and further develop products.

Today, Marketer delivers a wide range of services to Solon Eiendom - including property picker, 3D visualization, marketing, and websites.

Building a brand new district in Ski

The projects of Solon Eiendom must stand out from other buildings in the areas where they are developed, and the newbuilds that are created must have a distinctive character. Magasinparken in Ski is one such project, which is being built in collaboration with the four architectural houses RRA, R21, A-lab and Code. Marketer was recently invited to Magasinparken in Ski.

Marketer's Customer Success Manager for Solon Eiendom, Martin Dunseth, says it is rewarding to see such a large project take shape after working together for a long time.

- That Solon Eiendom takes the time to show us the project gives us even greater ownership and motivation to deliver good results, says Dunseth.

See the full interview and Marketer’s visit to Magasinparken here.

87% have been sold

- Magasinparken is a project that has been for sale for a while, and it is two years until the last buildings are expected ready. We have been doing marketing for a long time and it is therefore important for us that we come up with new ideas and messages, and find new target groups for each project, says Stokstad.

Solon Eiendom has worked with Marketer since the first units were out for sale, intending to find the right buyers for the various projects. Today, 87% of the homes have been sold.

- We have worked closely with Marketer to make marketing plans for the entire life cycle, which highlight each project in its own unique way.

Want to take clear ownership of their data

Over the past year, Solon Eiendom has worked with Marketer on developing a new digital strategy.

- A significant element in the process has been to discuss the importance of, and prerequisites for, taking ownership of one's own data. Furthermore, we have spent time discussing how we can make use of our own database to make better decisions, Stokstad points out.

Stokstad further says that in the past they have had data divided across various agencies’ systems and that in the future it will be important to have the systems and processes in place to be able to own and use the data themselves.

- Together with Marketer Consulting, we carried out a preliminary project where we looked at our digital strategy and mapped out the systems we have today, with data flow, ownership and rights. We carried out analyses to identify challenges in the current systems and set-up and spent time defining solutions and targets for the future. The work we did with Marketer now largely defines the framework for our new digital strategy, Stokstad says.

- Working closely with the management of Solon Eiendom to set the framework for a new digital strategy has been exciting and instructive. They are forward-thinking and have a good understanding of the importance of data-driven decisions, which matches well with Marketer and our thinking around the use of technology to improve future real estate transactions. I look forward to continuing to follow Solon Eiendom in close collaboration with Marketer, says Strategy Consultant Jonas Sørlie at Marketer.

Stokstad says that one of the tools that Solon Eiendom will use in the new digital strategy is Marketer's M360 platform. M360 will help us collect and analyze data, to optimize across offices and projects.

In addition to the platform, we are also developing a new website in collaboration with DayTwo and Marketer. The website will be created with Craft CMS and will be integrated with M360. The combination will give us flexibility in the design and layout of the website at the same time as we get all the advantages of M360, Stokstad elaborates.

M360 is Marketer's end-to-end platform for managing the digital customer journey. The platform simplifies the administration of all project data and ensures full data capture throughout the customer journey, which enables the optimization of all marketing and sales activities. M360 is seamlessly integrated with several modules managed in the platform, including websites, digital campaigns, property pickers, and digital check-out.

A sales success

- For Solon Eiendom, Magasinparken has been a sales success since the project was launched! We are working on selling the last units, especially the units that are ready to move into right before the Christmas holiday. We are very much looking forward to good results from the collaboration with Marketer, concludes Stokstad.

Read the Norwegian article in Estate here.

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