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What is it like to work as a developer at Marketer on our M1 platform?

July 10, 2020
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A flexible working day, with many exciting challenges.

At M1, we deliver tailor-made solutions to several of the largest players in the real estate industry, both in Norway and internationally. We are also working on several exciting and innovative new projects, which we look forward to telling you more about in the coming months.

Today, the M1 team consists of a small group of experienced developers, with broad experience from different domains and technologies.

Exciting technologies

The core of the M1 is built in Ruby on Rails. We have several developers who are passionate about Ruby development and that closely follow the latest happenings in the Rails environment.

The team has also developed several specialized technological solutions. We use Python and Natural Language Processing to generate marketing texts, AErender and Node.JS to create marketing videos automatically, and we work with a wide range of customers and needs, so there is always an opportunity to work with something new and exciting.

Freedom to define our own working day

Marketer emphasizes that the professional job shall fit in with the rest of each individual’s everyday life. We have flexible working hours so that both morning birds and night owls can perform at their absolute best. In return, we strive at finding people who are self-motivated and good at organizing their own working hours.

As long as it is practically possible, you can even choose your own workspace. If you want to work from Marketer’s headquarters, we have space in our office at Tjuvholmen in Oslo. But it is also possible to work from home if you prefer. The office is simply there if you need it.

By facilitating home office and remote work, Marketer has the opportunity to bring in talented people from multiple locations around the world. At the M1 team, we consequently communicate in both Norwegian and English, while the corporate communication is mostly in English.

Finally, we value the distinction between work and leisure. We believe that you perform your best during working hours when you are focused and rested. When the workday is over, we all need to bring our minds to other matters while recharging for new challenges the following day.

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