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Employee insight: A success story with Kaisa Eidet, COO of Existing Homes

February 3, 2023
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In December 2021 we spoke with Kaisa Eidet about her journey from Sales Executive to Senior Account Executive. In her third year at Marketer, Kaisa has taken on enhanced responsibilities, and with her extensive skills and ambitious mindset, her journey continues to evolve within our Existing Homes entity as their COO.

We had a new chat with Kaisa, to learn more about her opportunities and challenges in the current role as COO of Existing Homes. From her day-to-day responsibilities to her thoughts on team dynamics and vision for the future of the Existing Homes business unit.

How has the journey been since you started at Marketer?

The term ‘journey’ is somewhat overused when talking about career and work life, but I still find it a fitting description of my time at Marketer so far! Starting out in the sales team, I was quickly thrown in at the deep end, meeting with real estate agencies and developers from around the world. This provided valuable insight into the challenges faced by clients and the ways in which Marketer's offerings can assist. Additionally, I gained a deeper understanding of the real estate industry and how it varies across the world.

As time went on, I was given the responsibility of taking charge of the largest clients in our portfolio. This provided even more opportunities for growth and knowledge on how to maximize the value provided to our clients.

Over the past year, I have broadened my scope to focus on internal efficiencies, processes, and team building across various departments, including sales, customer success, support, and product. This has culminated in my current role as COO of Existing Homes. I am grateful for the trust and opportunities provided by the management and my team and look forward to continuing the journey in the years to come.

How has it been working as COO Existing homes these two months?

Busy, haha! Typically my day consists of a variety of meetings including those with current clients, potential new clients or partners, one-on-one meetings with team members, and strategic planning sessions. Between meetings, I do my best to tackle the ever-challenging mission of inbox 0, typically responding to urgent inquiries, and spending time with the team.

My primary responsibility is to ensure the smooth running of the Existing Homes division, including overseeing operations, managing the team, and developing and implementing strategies to drive growth and improve efficiency.

What challenges do you encounter?

The Existing Homes team operates within three verticals in rapid development, especially in the last six months - real estate, tech, and digital marketing. One of the main challenges we encounter is continuously staying on top of trends, changes, and market conditions while adapting our offering and platform to always be one step ahead. That can be challenging but also the most exciting and fun part of working in a fast-paced scale-up company.

What is the best part of your role?

Hands down the team! It’s very inspiring to get to work closely with such a talented, ambitious, and fun team who all strive to be better. The same goes for our clients. Aside from the people, I really enjoy having the opportunity to participate in building and strengthening our team culture, working on improving our processes and results, as well as forming and executing our longer-term strategy.

How important is it for you to work closely with the Existing Homes team?

Working closely with the team is the most important part of my role and my number one priority. To achieve our ambitious goals, it is key that the team is aligned with our strategy and works together to get there. I believe transparency, continuous feedback, cross-department collaboration, and an open and collaborative team culture are the ways to get there. My job as COO is to ensure that we always strive to improve, learn from each other, and create the best possible environment to reach our goals.

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