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Employee insight: William Vang

June 21, 2024
  • Our Team

Meet William, the newest member of our team at Marketer, whose professional journey began at HP in Barcelona after completing his studies in Norway and Spain. There, he honed his skills in customer relations and business development within a fast-paced environment. Drawn back home by a desire for personal and professional growth, William found the perfect blend of innovative technology and real estate at Marketer. Join us to get to know William and his exciting journey!

Tell us a little bit about your background!

Before I started my professional career, I was fully dedicated to handball, dreaming of becoming a professional player and moving to Germany. For a long time, I believed this dream would become a reality, but unfortunately, injuries and motivation forced me to retire from the sport.

Seeing an opportunity to change direction, I started a bachelor's degree in Marketing and Management at BI Norwegian Business School in Oslo, which included an exchange year in Barcelona. Exchanging to Barcelona allowed me to gain experience in a new environment, language and culture.

With an interest in marketing and sales, I was lucky enough to start my professional journey as a business developer at HP in Barcelona after completing my studies. During these two years I got to be part of a fast paced environment where I had to adapt quickly. I learned the ins and outs of prospecting and how to nurture customer relationships.

However, as time went on, I began missing my family and friends. In addition, I wanted a change in environment, both personally and professionally. This led me to make the decision to move back to Norway to continue my professional growth closer to home.

Why did you want to join the Marketer team?

During my two years at HP, I worked closely with disruptive technologies that were transforming the manufacturing landscape. This experience taught me the critical importance of forward-thinking technology. As a result, I sought an opportunity to join a company that shared this progressive approach.

With my interest in both technology and real estate, Marketer stood out as the perfect fit, utilizing disruptive technology to disrupt the property sector. Additionally, I wanted a place where I could grow both personally and professionally. For me, the people at Marketer made me feel that it was the right place to be.

How has the introduction been so far?

The onboarding process can be challenging, often requiring a significant amount of time, meetings, and information to absorb. However, with professional guidance and close follow-up, my first weeks at Marketer have been a breeze. I’m excited about the journey ahead.

Which three things would you bring to a deserted island?

  • As an active person, I would definitely bring my running shoes. My goal is to spend my time running, so when I'm eventually rescued, I'll be in such great shape that I could compete in the Olympics.
  • Music plays a significant role in my life, and I love the sound of the piano. Playing it would be a perfect way to unwind from all the running.
  • Lastly, I would bring some juggling balls, not only because it's fun but also because I've heard it helps strengthen the mind.

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