Facebook-exit for their first employee in Norway

May 4, 2021

  • Marketer

Petter Høie announces transition to the Norwegian tech-company Marketer Technologies.

Petter Høie was hired as customer director for Facebook’s Norwegian advertisers before they even had an office in Norway, and he has for the past 11 years been instrumental for the regional growth of the international media giant.

“Little did I know what lay ahead of me in 2009, when I travelled to Stockholm to become part of a small team, and with the responsibility of starting this commercial business in the Nordics and Norway. However, I had a gut feeling that it would be big. I knew that data would be a significant factor within marketing, and that there was huge value in the adventure ahead of me”, says Høie on his Facebook post.

As he now leaves the Facebook organisation behind, he is ready to engage all his experience and digital advertising expertise to the benefit one of the fastest growing proptech companies in Europe. As from June 2021, Høie will take on the role as Senior Account Executive at Marketer Technologies.

“I am both excited and humble to get the opportunity to join the Marketer team. To be a part of a fast-growing Norwegian technology company with strong international ambitions, dedicated sales focus and a solid product development pipeline is a fantastic opportunity. I am really looking forward to get to know the team, the clients and contribute with my experience", comments Høie.

At Marketer Technologies, Høie will have the overall responsibility for maintaining and developing strong relationships with existing and new customers, and to secure large and strategically important new clients to Marketer, primarily from international markets.

“Marketer is both proud and excited to soon have Petter Høie on our team”, says Amir Folkestad Habhab, CEO at Marketer. “We have had a steady growth for almost 5 years now, but our international sales efforts really started to accelerate in the fall of 2020 and Marketer now serve clients in more than 17 countries. Petter will be a fantastic addition to our existing commercial team as his background is unique within the area that is core for our business. We have great expectations to what his contributions can mean for our further international growth”, concludes Habhab.

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