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How digital marketing can transform real estate transactions

May 21, 2021
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Digital marketing has long been a driving force for many industries, and is now at the forefront of the real estate industry. A digital marketing strategy opens doors to opportunities such as reaching your target audience more efficiently and nurturing your existing customer relationships. Additionally, it can accelerate sales by finding the right homes for the right buyers - a subject we will explore further in this interview with the well-known real estate agency Eiendomsmegler Vest.

Eiendomsmegler Vest offers brokerage of everything from apartments to cottages and commercial real estate, and has 23 offices in Vestland, Rogaland, and Møre & Romsdal. They have used Marketer’s automated platform since the beginning of 2021, and we have spoken to Ingrid Paasche, the Marketing Director at Eiendomsmegler Vest, about their experience using a automated marketing platform for advertising second-hand properties.

To begin with, what is your experience with digital marketing from earlier, and what have you focused on to find the right homes for the right buyers?

Previously, it's been a process where we have handed most of our data to external parties. The advertising of our properties was quite static, which meant that all target audiences received the same presentation of a property. Even though the marketing was satisfactory, we felt that we had too little insight into our own data, which also resulted in a second-rate dialogue with our customers, and a lack of proper feedback that could be used for CRM purposes. All in all, our focus was on reaching as many people as possible, not so much reaching the right people and customizing the marketing to their needs.

In what way is digital marketing important for you when marketing second-hand properties - does it solve any unattained potential?

We find it vital to reach the potential buyers that are so-called “passive”, which means they are not necessarily actively looking to buy a property. Secondly, being visible on different channels where real estate ads are not shown frequently is also important when advertising second-hand properties. With Marketer’s technology our ads are visible at the right time and shown to the right people, on both Facebook, Instagram and Google. This has increased the number of people signing up to property viewings, and generated a higher number of bidders. It all leads to the one thing all home sellers want - a higher selling price.

What factors did you consider when deciding to use a digital marketing platform?

The main factor for us was to make sure that we had more control of our own data, which has made it easier to enhance our product development, as well as boost the dialogue with our customers. In addition, we now know that our data will not be used by external parties for their own advantage.

How has Marketer’s automated platform helped you reap the benefits of digital marketing?

It is important to realize that all target audiences has individual needs. For example, downsizers and families are not looking for the same qualities in a property. Marketer’s solution has made it possible for us to tailor the communication to the different target audiences, as well as creating a varied sets of ads for the most efficient results. Our best-performing ads will then reach the right people, at the right time, at the right place.

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