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Marketer employees excel in new roles and with increased responsibilities

June 17, 2021
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As a fast-growing proptech company with massive international ambitions, Marketer is also an attractive employer for those that are motivated by the acceptance that today is already different from last week, and that next week will be different from today.

With our rapid growth, our employees must be able to adapt to changes in a quick manner. Consequently, our employees are regularly presented with unique opportunities to develop their professional skills and advance in their careers.

Presenting the latest promotions for Marketer employees:

Customer Success

Three of our Strategy Consultants are now entering into new roles as Jr. Customer Success Managers. As Strategy Consultants, Oda Helene Nilsen, Martin Dunseth and Christian Schartum have proven their ability to strategically work with customers to realize their full potential. Together with our new VP of Customer Success, Trygve Vardenær, they will work even closer with our customers to ensure successful relationships between them and Marketer. This includes balancing Marketers expertise with the insight and knowledge of our customers, as well as tightening the gap between sales and service offerings.

Customer Service & Campaigns

Customer Operations Manager Theis Elstad and Performance Marketer Axel Rein will both change roles to Campaign Managers, monitoring all ongoing campaigns to ensure top-quality performance. Marketer has thousands of ongoing campaigns every day, so monitoring and quality assurance are vital to our day-to-day operations.


Our Designer Intern Ida Celine Abrahamsen has become a full-time employee as a Content Creator together with Ada Sundby, who was previously Content Creator Intern. As Content Creators they will provide outstanding content for both Marketer itself as well as our clients.

Marketing & Brand Management

Martine Gjerløw is transitioning from Customer Operations Manager to a new role as a Marketing Coordinator. Oda Lind is also making a move from her previous role as Marketing Advisor to Marketing Coordinator. Together they will make sure that all aspects of marketing activities are delivered with great satisfaction.

Product management

Kristoffer Støylen has gone from VP of Customer Operations to Product Manager focusing on our advertising and video products. Advertising and videos are core to Marketer’s services, and Støylen will be focusing on these activities with his first-hand experience in the field.


Senior Account Executive Tarik Mustedanagic is now moving on to a new role as a CRM & IT Manager. He will manage our new CRM system which will be used by most of the departments and keep it up to date with our website and marketing efforts. Additionally, he will be handling our IT equipment, which is an important task in our rapidly growing team.

"It is always a pleasure to see our employees advance in their careers. This shows that our employees are eager to learn and evolve and that they are open to new challenges. These traits are vital in an ever-changing industry and support Marketer’s high ambitions as a company. The employees mentioned above have not only proven that they have these traits, but they have shown dedication and a high level of commitment in their previous roles. Based on their efforts I am proud to say that these career achievements are well deserved." Amir Folkestad Habhab, CEO at Marketer.

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