Introducing M360 - A cutting edge end-to-end sales and marketing platform for property developers

October 8, 2021

  • Marketer

At Marketer, we strongly believe in our mission to sell real estate smarter and faster than humans. We know that when used correctly, technology can bring high value to the real estate industry and make the sales and marketing operations more seamless, for both sellers and buyers. Today we are very proud of announcing our brand new end-to-end platform, M360. This is a complete solution taking care of everything in your real estate sales and marketing operations; A strategic tool that your organization, your partners, and your customers will benefit from.

Why we built it

We believe that the newbuild real estate industry can be fully digitized and that buying a new apartment or house could be as easy as just clicking a button. The time has come to think of real estate as an e-commerce experience.

Sales and marketing operations of residential development projects are costly considering the time and resources put into the work. Just think of all the time and resources spent on purchase contracts and aftermarket handling. It is a process consisting of many different systems without direct integration causing fragmented marketing solutions that are unable to take full advantage of data related to the project. Another thing we have learned in our work within the industry is that bad user experience creates friction in the customer journey. Being able to optimize this process will create higher value and a better brand experience.

“At Marketer we think of selling real estate as an e-commerce experience. This entails how we can optimize all steps in the customer journey, from presentation, lead traffic, and interest, to contracts and beyond, with the consumer in mind. We believe it is a win-win situation for the seller and the buyer.”
- Amir Folkestad Habhab, CEO at Marketer

Everyone involved in a real estate project wants status reporting. Manual reporting requires the use of valuable time and resources, and will normally lead to less accurate insight or loss of data. Imagine a solution where all project sales- and marketing data is automated and delivered in real-time, for all persons involved in the project to enter at any time on any device. How much time will your organizations save just on this?

The social and general reputation of a developer brand is becoming more important. Simultaneously, consumer demand and expectations for digitalization and seamless customer journeys are rising. With this comes concerns about the use of personal data and the need to enforce privacy regulations. Responsible operation needs a strategy on how to collect and use first-party data in a safe and secure way as data will be your most important asset to be able to scale and control marketing ROI, efficiency, and transparency in your operation.

With people, data, and privacy at the center we have developed a platform for the next level of real estate, an e-commerce experience for marketing, transactions, and aftermarket handling. Our goal is to remove friction in the customer journey, we call it M360!

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Welcome to M360 - An end-to-end platform for property developers

We want to give real estate developers a tool that solves these important sales and marketing challenges. We have already invested significantly in our dedicated marketing tools and now we bring it to the next level. With M360, we are introducing the complete sales and marketing tool for developers with all essential capabilities gathered within one platform.

This includes data management, analytics tools, project presentation, marketing, and sales tools, with more to come. It is designed to support developers of all business sizes and you can choose to what extent you want to use self-service in the solution - you can use the solution completely on your own, or get assistance from our experts in Marketer where you need it.

To conclude, M360 offers a complete and fully integrated sales and marketing solution, with a user-friendly end-to-end experience for both property developers and homebuyers.

If you have any questions about M360, please contact or call +47 23 96 69 07.

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