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July 29, 2021
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Welcome to - the international property portal that exclusively presents and offers secure purchasing of new housing projects. It is the platform every property developer wants to be present on, and the platform every buyer wants to use in their search for a new dream home. As an independent property portal, is dramatically reducing cross border boundaries for real estate transactions by offering a full-scale digital process. Newbuild property purchasing has never been easier.

Real estate market trends

The global pandemic has led to dramatic shifts in how most people live their lives as well as to how, when and where they perform their work. This has especially influenced market characteristics and demand in the real estate industry. One noticeable effect is an increased interest in owning homes abroad due to the flexible work environment most industries have adopted, with a “work from home” culture. Consequently, the possibility to easily discover and in a secure manner digitally purchase homes worldwide is invaluable at this moment in time.

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Our ambition with is to offer the most engaging, complete, and secure experience around searching, tracking, and ultimately buying your dream home or preferred investment objects from international real estate projects.

For developers provides developers with the opportunity to reach their full selling potential by attracting and securing more quality leads. This is achieved by offering real estate buyers a user-friendly and structured journey from the moment of discovering a real estate project, through the period of construction, and all the way to the moment they turn the key into their new home. The platform works as a landing page for your individual projects and will also ensure a continuously growing organic interest for the project throughout its lifecycle on the portal. It has never been easier, more engaging, or more secure to complete cross border real estate transactions.

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