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M360 facilitates the entire sales journey for both developer and homebuyer

October 6, 2021

    We are now introducing our new and revolutionary product for property developers. M360 is a complete solution that will take care of everything from data and analysis to presentation, marketing, and sales of new build development projects. Read on for a brief introduction to a solution that can improve your business considerably.


    Marketing of housing projects usually involves significant costs in the form of advertising budgets, content production, and the use of internal resources. The existing paradigm is a marketing process consisting of many different operations and systems without direct integration. This results in a fragmented marketing solution that is unable to take full advantage of data from homebuyers' user behavior related to the project. Another limiting factor is often landing pages that are not optimized in terms of user experience, clarity of information, and conversion of website traffic to actual leads. Manual reporting of results requires valuable use of time and resources, and will normally lead to less accurate insight unless such operations are automated or are given a very dedicated focus.

    The social and general reputation of a developer is becoming increasingly important, at the same time as continuously increasing privacy regulations make personal branding challenging. A clear strategy for building and using first-party data is, therefore, more important than ever. However, many players lack the scale needed for the best possible use of data and thus miss out on valuable campaign optimization and meaningful insight into user behavior.

    The solution

    We want to help real estate developers solve these important sales and marketing challenges. We have already invested significantly in our dedicated portal for new build residential developments,, which offers dynamic project landing pages optimized for converting campaign traffic to valuable leads. With M360, we are introducing the complete sales and marketing tool for developers with all essential capabilities gathered within one platform. This includes data management, analytics tools, project presentation, marketing solutions, and sales tools. And the best part is that the overall solution is designed to support developers of all sizes, from the smallest to the largest players in the market. In addition, as a developer on the platform you can choose to what extent you want to use self-service in the solution - you can use the solution completely on your own, or get assistance from our experts in Marketer where you need it.


    With M360 you will be able to create and modify projects with market-leading editing and datasets. The system integrates relevant data sources for seamless data import. Furthermore, the foundation of the solution is the collection, structuring, and utilization of data from relevant sources such as Marketer's proprietary data, campaign data, and collected data from the property portal This is always done with a strong focus on privacy and data security.


    The analytics tool includes an editable dashboard with everything you need for a full overview of sales and marketing results in real-time. This includes granular and ongoing analyzes and reports at portfolio, project, campaign, and unit level. You will also get detailed marketing forecasts by stating the desired goal for the campaign. After requesting a forecast, you will automatically receive an offer that contains suggestions for targeting and budget.


    Your development projects will be presented on the market-wide property portal, and the projects can also be made available on your own website through our brand-new project portfolio solution. The project pages are optimized for conversion and of premium quality with rich project data, such as detailed project status and a responsive home selector that works on all surfaces.


    The marketing solution included in M360 offers smart and digital campaigns. These campaigns are continuously optimized, and the advertising budget is allocated across different audiences, channels, and ads. The various ads will drive traffic to the conversion-optimized project pages so that you get more high-quality leads for your projects.


    There will be opportunities for direct sales and digital check-out on the project pages and M360 will also include a sales tool that includes leads management through a built-in CRM system, as well as contract management. Furthermore, additional services are offered, such as chat to convert leads into sales and follow-up of leads by phone and email.

    To conclude, M360 offers a complete and fully integrated marketing and sales solution, with a user-friendly end-to-end experience for both property developers and homebuyers. If you have any questions about M360, please contact or call +47 23 96 69 07.

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