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The Norwegian Artificial Intelligence Research Consortium conference 2021

November 30, 2021
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As our team here at Marketer continues to grow, we continually strive to provide them with opportunities for growth and learning. Recently some of our data science team attended the Norwegian Artificial Intelligence Research Consortium (NORA) first annual conference. AI plays an important role in the Marketer platform so it is exciting to enable our employees to gain better insights and knowledge around the technology. We have sat down with two of the attendees from our team to learn more about their experience at the conference and what they enjoy about AI.

What is the most exciting part of working with AI for you?

Helen Ørn Gjerdrum, Natural Language Processing Engineer at Marketer: One thing that is so wonderful and exciting about this field is that industry and research go hand in hand. While some out-of-the-box-ready solutions do exist, the data science team here at Marketer do independent research to develop tailored AI solutions to make sure we are always one step ahead. I mainly work with text analysis and text generation, and if you do research or develop text processing tools for a language like Norwegian, there is a good chance you’re the first person in the world to do it. The endless possibilities for exploration, experimentation and innovation is what makes working in this field really interesting. Nothing is set in stone, and you never know what new tools, resources or findings will pop up next.

How was the NORA Annual Conference?

Ashesh Raj Gnawali, Data Analyst at Marketer: The conference was highly educational including presentations from wide application areas such as robotics, robot-human interaction, medical science, NLP, and AI ethics. It was evident through the quality of presentations and the technical business models employed by the startup companies, that NORA is a leader in promoting research, innovation, and collaboration in the field of AI in Norway. Besides, the conference was also a platform for networking with individuals who shared similar interests.

What was your biggest take away from the conference?

Helen Ørn Gjerdrum: Definitely the importance of collaboration between the industry and researchers to form a strong research community in Norway. As a community, we have everything to gain from a dedicated space to encourage open discussion, exchange ideas and share experiences. Artificial intelligence is making its way into more and more aspects of society, and it is important that everyone has the opportunity to shape its future through open discussion about everything from robots to ethics.

Ashesh Raj Gnawali:The key takeaway of the conference was that the general public must be made aware of several possibilities that AI brings and should be ready to embrace the changes. Overall, the conference made me feel good about my career choice, the future of AI is bright and holds more interesting human-serving tasks.

Header photo by: Alex Moltzau
In photo: News Angler – finding entities for a LOCAL news angle presented by Bjørnar Tessem, Professor, UiB

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