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February 9, 2021

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Onboarding plenty of new talent in early 2021.

Marketer is expanding into new markets globally, growing its customer base at a rapid pace, and consequently also welcoming new colleagues to this exciting phase for the company. As many as 8 new talented individuals have joined us during January, taking responsibility and control of a variety of important positions. The positions filled are within vital areas such as Product, Design, Sales and Customer Success.

Following a long period with many of us working remotely from home offices and with Google Meet as our most important tool of communication, we have gained useful experience in onboarding new personnel according to these challenging conditions.

Here is a brief intro to 6 of our new stars, and their own comments to their first few weeks.

Kaisa Eidet (Account Executive)

From my very first day I’ve felt like a part of the Marketer family. The team is super welcoming, and it’s very clear that a lot of thought has been put into the onboarding process to give me the knowledge and confidence I need to thrive in my role. Even though the pace is fast, which I personally love, my manager has been excellent at checking in and making me feel safe and welcome. I feel really fortunate to be surrounded by incredible talent in a company that’s growing as fast as Marketer, and can’t wait to see what’s next.

Helen Ørn Gjerdrum (Junior NLP Engineer)

My first few weeks at Marketer has been very exciting. I was given a lot of responsibility from day one, as well as helpful guidance from my amazing team and team leader. Thanks to this, I felt like a part of the team right away, and my learning curve has been really steep. At Marketer, everyone's opinion is valued and everyone is always kept in the loop on what's happening throughout the company. Thanks to skilled and motivated colleagues, the work environment is excellent. You have a lot of freedom to work how and where you prefer, which has been invaluable during this pandemic. I'm very excited for the opportunity to work with what I love, and can't wait to see what the future holds for Marketer.

Stein Zahl (Account Executive)

Hi, my name is Stein. I grew up in a city called Drammen here in Norway. I joined the Marketer family recently as an account executive and Country Manager for Indonesia & South East Asia. The first couple of weeks leaves me with no doubts that Marketer's technology and comprehensive solutions will change the way the real estate industry thinks about marketing & sales! Having lived and worked in various SEA countries for 25+ years, my focus will be to develop new and existing market places in SEA. The first weeks at Marketer have been remarkably interesting. Getting to know different team members and understanding how various departments and internal systems operate, have been a great experience! I have learned a lot about where Marketer currently is positioned in the market, and where we are planning to go. An extremely exciting journey lies ahead.

Athina Anderssen Moe (Design Intern)

I felt like a part of the team already after my first week at Marketer. I simply love the good spirit everyone has, even in times like this where everything is on hold. The onboarding process and home office set-up Marketer has created makes it very easy to work from home, and there is always someone in the team that is ready to help out when needed. I am very happy to be a part of this company.

Sindre Sangnes (Product Manager)

The first month in the product team has gone by in a flash, and I feel we have gotten off to a very good start. From day one it was all about diving in and getting involved with everything that’s going on, getting to know people, and start executing. Our team does the majority of the work and collaborations online, so even if the start has been somewhat different than imagined with most people working from home, it hasn't really been a big problem for us. I am thrilled to be part of a company in big growth and with high ambitions, and I am really looking forward to working together with the team to bring the Marketer products to the next level.

Ida Abrahamsen (Design Intern)

My first few weeks at Marketer has been an amazing experience. I was greeted by friendly and welcoming people from day one, who makes you feel like you have been with them all along. However, they all still make the time to help out when needed. A great thing about Marketer is that everyone has something to bring to the table, regardless of experience and title - we are equals. It has been a steep learning curve so far, and I have been shown a lot of trust when solving tasks independently. I find myself constantly learning, which is the reason why I wanted to experience an internship in the first place. It has been challenging being new and having to work from home, but the pleasant working environment encourages you to ask questions, which definitely has made it easier for me. Every day at Marketer is different, incredibly rewarding and educational, which makes it a fun place to work.

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