Marketer is building a data powerhouse - with Job Rietbergen

August 6, 2021

  • Marketer

Job Rietbergen from The Netherlands began his journey with Marketer in April of this year as Head of Growth for our new real estate portals. His earlier career involves achievements such as starting his own digital agency developing software projects, working as CMO at Founda Health, as well as being a Growth Director at the well-known company Growth Tribe.

Based on Job’s extensive experience with scaling companies, he is now responsible for and which are Marketer’s newly launched portals exclusively made for discovering and purchasing units in new residential housing projects. The efficiency of the portals is founded on Marketer’s extensive data pool while adapting to relevant data and privacy regulations such as GDPR, iOS14 and the removal of third-party cookies. The result is a solution that is cutting edge and that works to everyone’s advantage in the real estate market.

“As Marketer has run thousands of property campaigns all over the world, we have a huge amount of data gathered that can teach us what works and what does not. This is why we are able to build a strong data layer from our own proprietary data and combine it with data from third-party providers. By applying machine learning techniques on top of these datasets we can provide all users with relevant recommendations for their specific property investments, while also assisting newbuild developers to target the right home buyers at the right time with fine-tuned campaigns. Meanwhile, we are continuously optimising our pages with the goal of best possible conversions”, Job comments.

It is important to understand how regulations affect digital marketers in their efforts to perform safe and efficient marketing activities today. The principles of market segmentation were vital in traditional marketing, identifying people with overall similar characteristics. In more recent times, the approach has changed substantially, using advanced technology to target single individuals based on in-depth data about their digital behaviour. Lately however, the topic of new privacy regulations and the removal of third-party cookies is again changing the landscape. It has changed the modern way of market analysis and targeting, making it necessary to create new ways of performing digital marketing. One of the challenges is timing, as all device-users are now demanding advanced and easy user-experiences. It is also a fact that e-commerce has boomed all over the world as a result of the lock-down period, also within real estate in terms of both online viewing and actual purchasing.

“The industry is changing rapidly, and there are all kinds of privacy related matters that are relevant to what we try to achieve, such as privacy laws, third party cookies and iOS14 changes which all have a huge impact on digital marketing operations globally. Meanwhile, people are now more than ever before expecting and demanding better and more substantial user-experiences in terms of how they interact with brands”, continues Rietbergen.

Our portals and are made for the benefit of real estate developers and how they interact with their clients, as well as giving home buyers the opportunity to search for, follow and ultimately purchase newbuild properties in a completely new way. The goal with the portals is to provide an engaging and complete experience for both home buyers and property developers, and it is built entirely in compliance with the new privacy changes.

“The goal for Marketer is to provide useful and relevant experiences throughout every step of the process for those seeking to purchase a property, either for their own personal use or as an investment, while at the same time offer real estate agencies and property developers with a wide range of tools to automate their lead generation and sales activities”, Job concludes.

Stay tuned for more information about and in the coming weeks.

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