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Marketer launches AI-based analysis tool for new build developers

October 13, 2022
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Marketer-owned Homefair AS changes its name to AS and launches an advanced analysis tool aimed at developers of new builds. The Norwegian proptech company Marketer Real Estate Technologies is an internationally leading supplier of digital solutions for the analysis, marketing, and sale of real estate.

Homefair, a data and analytics company specialising in real estate, was acquired by Marketer in early 2021 and has since then contributed with data-driven solutions to Marketer's product portfolio, including SmartSale for real estate agents.

SmartSale provides agents with valuable information about any real estate object for which the agency receives a request for representation, by preparing advanced and automated analysis of the object in question, as well as proposals for suitable marketing activities, all based on relevant and "intelligent" data from a number of different sources. Naturally, this also provides the agent with a significant advantage in terms of winning the client.

A similar product for new build projects will now be launched soon, and while SmartSale remains in Marketer, the new product will be further developed and operated in the wholly owned subsidiary. As a result, Homefair is now changing its name to AS and the final product launch will take place in 2023. Baard Schumann, former CEO of Selvaag Bolig and Nordr, and now head of Union's new Scandinavian housing development fund, has been and still is an important external advisor in the development of, while several of Marketer's existing customers have already entered into agreements to use the solution.

- We have worked hard to be able to obtain, structure, and analyse large amounts of new build data. We are now finally able to utilise the enormous potential that exists within this segment, says Dr. Walid Mustapha, VP Data Science at Marketer. - It has been a very interesting tech journey following the acquisition about a year and a half ago, where we have built on the solution for second-hand housing and put it into a system for new housing projects. This market segment is very mature for digital processes and sales solutions, he concludes. will provide new build developers with the necessary knowledge to make the optimal choice of unit mix, price strategy, and a strategic plan for their sales and marketing efforts. The results of this are good project implementation, satisfied home buyers, and improved project margins. is an important part of our vision to help developers sell faster and smarter," comments Amir Folkestad Habhab, CEO of Marketer. -By ensuring that developers build projects with the units and facilities that the relevant market actually demands, the economics of the projects are also optimised. With the launch of, we complete our full end-to-end solution for the entire commercial value chain for new housing developers, says Habhab.

To the left Amir Folkestad Habhab, CEO of Marketer, to the right Dr. Walid Mustapha, VP Data Science at Marketer.

Read the press release in Estate here (Norwegian only).

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