Ferdinand Leivestad

September 21, 2021

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Ferdinand joined Marketer this summer as a Customer Support Advisor and has quickly made a very positive impact on our customer support team. Already from an early age, he has had a strong passion for technology and digitalisation. The passion has been nurtured throughout his life and was his driver when applying for the position at Marketer. As a Customer Support Advisor, Ferdinand is responsible for providing hands-on technical and operational support to clients worldwide.

So Ferdinand, what made you want to apply for a position at Marketer?

I have always had a huge interest in technology. In addition, I thrive in a company where I can work alongside people with similar interests and that are passionate about what they do. Marketer seemed to offer the perfect combination, where I can expand my knowledge within digitalisation in a very direct and operational way, and at the same time work together with curious and motivated people who also possess some of the same passion as me.

What is good customer support in your opinion, and why is it important?

Good customer support to me is about being efficient, friendly, professional and understanding to all our clients no matter what it might concern. The most important part of it is understanding the needs of our clients and the market they operate in, and to match that with a deep understanding of our product. Further, I need to be creative in conveying technical information in a way that is easily comprehensible to others. Providing quality support is essential as we in the customer support team are the operational, day-to-day ambassadors of Marketer and ultimately responsible for making our clients feel heard and understood.

The Customer Support Advisors are a crucial part of the organisation. Apart from solving immediate issues and answering agent inquiries they have a unique insight into the needs of our clients, and leverage both soft skills and time management capabilities to maintain high customer satisfaction. In addition they display extensive product knowledge and communication skills to act as mediators.

Henrik BjerkeSenior Customer Success Manager at Marketer

How is this role different from your previous experiences?

Prior to Marketer I worked with customer support for the Norwegian telecommunication company Ice, where I assisted existing as well as new and potential customers with understanding the new world of digital communication. The main difference is the transition from B2C support as opposed to B2B. With B2B I have a more personal relationship with the clients we work with compared to earlier positions. In my opinion, closer relationships often result in better support as the client-specific knowledge is built up over time.

What are your personal take-aways from your current position?

What makes my role particularly exciting is how I get to understand on a deeper level what is happening behind the scenes of the AI-driven marketing solutions we provide. This includes campaign troubleshooting, targeting, Facebook Business Manager, Google Ads, and the content we deliver in our ads. In addition, I am learning something new every day regarding the real estate industry and digitalisation.

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