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Marte Thomassen

December 9, 2022
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We are happy to introduce our newest family member, Marte Thomassen. As the Chief Human Resources Officer, she has the responsibility of our most important asset - the people! Marte has long experience in consulting, and as Placewise’s previous COO. Not only is she outdoorsy and loves everything with Norwegian nature, but she is also a retired prima ballerina who toured with The Norwegian National Ballet 🩱

Tell us a bit about your background.

Before joining Marketer, I worked in a proptech company named Placewise. As their COO, I was responsible for product development and client deliveries, always aiming to increase client satisfaction. That also included driving a global transformation process for the consolidation of Operations in all regions and the global implementation of a new operating model.

From my management consulting career in Sopra Steria, I learned how to quickly understand different industries and organizations, and got a great toolbox that I still use every day. That toolbox includes experiences within different industries such as real estate, telecom, media, education, and finance. Consulting was a kickstart for my career!

I have a master’s degree in Strategy and Management from the Norwegian School of Economics (NHH), where I sometimes tended to spend more time with the student union than at the library. Nevertheless, my proudest moment was probably being a part of the musical for the student festival UKEN, performing in 21 shows in 3 weeks. Not much time was spent studying that semester! 🎭

What motivated you to start at Marketer and what do you look forward to?

First of all, it is important for me to believe in what I do and to feel ownership of the company and its tasks. I truly believe in Marketer’s mission and solutions, so the choice was quite easy!

Second, I immediately noticed that the company’s culture and people are unique. Here at Marketer, we all work together with an entrepreneurial spirit and you notice that everyone feels ownership of this journey.

I am looking forward to taking part in Marketer's amazing journey and getting to know the company, the products, and my competent colleagues even better. I will do my best to contribute to further growth and develop the company to its next level.

What does your role involve?

As the Chief Human Resources Officer, I will work with our people strategy, as the people are our best asset! Additionally, taking responsibility for post-acquisition integrations, and making sure we are organized and ready for further growth and profitability. With experience from working with global delivery teams and delivery models, I will also contribute to our delivery efforts to optimize client deliveries.

Who are you outside of work, and what are you passionate about?

I am often described as a typical Norwegian person, doing as much “Norwegian stuff” as possible. You find me the happiest at my family’s cabin up in the mountains. Jotunheimen is my favorite place on earth, skiing in the winter and hiking in the summer. My bucket list mainly involves traveling, and I am aiming for checking them off in the upcoming years.

Give us a fun fact about yourself.

I’m a retired dancer! I've danced ballet for almost 20 years and was planning to become a prima ballerina. My dancing career peak was probably when I toured with The Norwegian National Ballet 🩱 Even though I’m retired, I still love dancing and try to do it as much as possible. These days unfortunately not on a stage but more often in my living room. Instead of becoming a professional dancer, I somehow ended up studying economics, and in retrospect happy I’m not looking into retirement at 41đŸ©°

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