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Oda Nilsen

February 12, 2020
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Head of M1/M2 Auto at Marketer Technologies.

My name is Oda, and I'm the Head of M1/M2 Auto at Marketer Technologies. I started as a Customer Success Intern in September, after finishing my MSc in Strategic Marketing Management. My internship began in Oslo and continued in London. I have previously studied in Brisbane and Barcelona, so the move to London was something I found very intriguing.

Why did you apply for an internship at Marketer?

After finishing my master's, it was important for me to have a seamless transition from an academic to working life. Because of that, I found myself looking at different internships and Marketer Technologies was one of the companies offering that. I thought it would be very interesting and exciting to take part in the growth of an entrepreneurial company. My interest in digital marketing was enhanced during my studies and since Marketer focuses on digital marketing, the position as a Customer Success Intern seemed a perfect fit. Additionally, it was very appealing that the first part of the internship would start in Oslo and continue in London.

How did you find the internship?
I started my internship in Oslo in September, where I was introduced to the system and platform we utilise. A big part of the first period revolved around 'learning by doing' and I commenced on my future tasks the first day, with good help and assistance from my own supervisor and the team around me. Among other things, I controlled the quality of campaigns, as well as some more general administrative and operational tasks. I also got an introduction to some of the digital tools I was set to use, such as Google Ads and Facebook Business Manager.

Marketer is a place where you can easily grow and move forward as a professional, which I got first-hand knowledge of after two weeks when I became responsible for the automation process of one of our clients. To know that your supervisors, team and leaders trust and believe in you is extremely important and motivating. I enjoyed a steep learning curve throughout my internship, with an increasing amount of responsibility and knowledge.

What do you do now?
I recently became the Head of M1/M2 Agency, something that motivates me greatly. It is also humbling that I was offered to take on such a responsibility quite early on in my career at Marketer. My days consist of both challenging and fun tasks, and I am responsible for the people on my team and our clients in the second-hand property market. Most of the work I do centres around upholding deadlines and making sure that we create a product that satisfies our clients.

How do you find the working environment at Marketer?
I've received impeccable help and assistance from both my team and others throughout the course of my internship, which has been extremely valuable. I find Marketer to be a transparent company, with a lot of openness and communication. For instance, I report to our CEO on a daily basis, have weekly meetings with my team and make fortnightly reports to our HR department.

I've become part of a group of young, like-minded people and I've felt included since the day I started. There's always someone you can brainstorm with and ask for advice or tips, which is very helpful. It is social to be at work and I'm looking forward to going to work every day. After moving to London, we've become a tight-knit group and with offices at WeWork, we often take part in different events after work.

How does the team work with you?
"It's been a true joy to have Oda on the Auto-team. We're a good team that works and collaborates really well - both in terms of communication and with different tasks. We update each other continuously regarding the campaigns we are working on and when these are ready to go live. Oda is extremely efficient and takes part in creating a good working environment at the office. She is open and willing to learn, and has acquired knowledge of different processes quickly".

"Oda is a great asset to the team, with a strong willingness to learn and high adaptability. She has undertaken many big tasks and assignments, and she also got responsibility early on - a task she has executed with great success. In addition to be good at what she does, Oda spreads a lot of joy to the people around her. I am impressed with how knowledgeable and fearless Oda is, for instance when she moved to London with us without any hesitation".

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