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Meet the interns at Marketer

September 1, 2021
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The Marketer team is constantly expanding and is today a multi-competence organization consisting of skilled individuals from eager interns to experienced seniors across different departments. At Marketer, we welcome everyone, including those who are at the beginning of their professional careers and can bring fresh ideas to our continuous development. Currently, we have seven interns working with us and we have asked them to share their experiences so far. If you are interested in learning more about life as an intern at Marketer, this article is for you.

Sales & CSM

Karoline Sunbotten and Tiril Grimsrud are the newest additions to the Sales and CSM team. They are hired as Customer Success Manager Interns where they manage campaigns as well as relationships with customers. This includes setting up campaigns for new build development projects, following up on the process, writing reports, and ensuring that Marketer delivers what has been agreed on with the clients. Here is what they say about their experience so far:

“Prior to joining Marketer, I finished my master’s degree in Strategic Marketing Management as well as working on a project within AML (Anti Money Laundering) at DNB. I hope to gain experience within digital marketing throughout my internship and be part of a fast-growing company that offers lots of learning opportunities. I am really enjoying getting to know the company and all the exciting challenges it offers, and the amazing people here make it such a fun place to work. In my career, I wish to work with a company that is identifying and embracing a gap in the market and consequently offering new and innovative solutions. That is why I chose to work at Marketer, as they are disrupting the regular way of marketing new build developments and creating better and more future-oriented solutions.”
- Karoline

“Before I started as an intern at Marketer, I finished my bachelor’s degree at the University of Utah in Business Administration. During my internship, I hope to continue learning from my experienced co-workers and to gain more relevant experience in digital marketing. Before I started working, I had a vision that I wanted to work in a smaller, innovative company that is constantly evolving with new technologies and always aims to be the best in the market. The work culture here is absolutely remarkable. I have never before experienced being involved with such smart and innovative people who always want to help each other out. I also enjoy how much the company is growing and the fast-paced environment.”
- Tiril

Campaigns & Support

David Alejandro Aparicio is originally from Buenos Aires in Argentina and moved to Norway in 2016. He now works as a Customer Service Intern in the Campaigns & Support department, which involves tasks such as monitoring campaigns, troubleshooting, and making sure that ongoing campaigns always run smoothly. Moreover, he replies to emails from customers, helps with translations, and contributes to other departments when needed.

“As I started my internship at Marketer, I was finishing my first year of a master’s degree in Marketing and Entrepreneurship at NTNU Ålesund. In the few months I have been here at Marketer I have learned so much, which I find highly valuable for the future. In the coming months, I hope to be even more familiarized with the quirks of Facebook ads as well as developing a deeper understanding of what is happening behind the curtains of the different advertising platforms. The world of marketing is constantly changing, and more so with the continuous advancement of digital tools and technologies. Personally, I believe it is important to stay up to date and interact with all these new digital technologies that change the way we do marketing. Therefore, I hope to be a capable digital marketer, and this internship is helping me to achieve just that.”
- David


Sophia Del Rosario, Julie Kristine Moen, and Marie Bolme work in the Content department as Content Creator Interns. Their daily tasks include designing ads and landing pages for Marketer’s clients, as well as copywriting. They also help with design internally in the company, such as creating presentations and landing pages. Their overall responsibility is to effectively communicate both Marketer’s and our client's brand and products/services through well-curated digital designs and content.

“I was in my first year of BBA at BI Norwegian Business School and worked with digital marketing before I started my internship at Marketer. I have already learned so much about data, technology, content creation, and design during the first five months of my internship. There are so many opportunities and areas to grow within the world of tech, and Marketer really executes these opportunities impressively. I have high hopes that I will continue to learn during my time here and that I will be well equipped to play a role in the future ventures of the industry.”
- Sophia

“Prior to starting my internship here, I got my bachelor’s degree in International Marketing at BI with an exchange year in Sydney, Australia. During my internship, I hope to learn as much as possible within content creation, as well as gaining experience in real estate marketing. I have already learned so much, and I am very excited to continue learning. For my future career, I want to be engaged with a market that keeps changing and that can continue to throw challenges at me. I love how Marketer approaches the real estate market through combining technology with marketing, and I am excited to continue the journey.”
- Julie

“Before starting my internship at Marketer I got my bachelor’s degree in Marketing with Digital Media from Edinburgh Napier University. My goal for the internship is to gain experience and to become more confident within decision-making, as well as developing my marketing skills. I have already learned a lot about design and content creation, and I am very excited for what the next months will bring. I love working in a company that pushes new ground and invents new technology, and I want to continue working in this kind of environment in my career. Furthermore, I wish to explore more opportunities within marketing and growth markets where I am sure I will make good use of what I will learn during this internship.”
- Marie

Data & Technology

Muntazir Naqvi is originally from Islamabad in Pakistan but moved to Norway in January 2021 for a master’s degree in the data science program at NMBU before starting his internship in the data science department at Marketer. His tasks include exploring the potential for new data and data science projects, in addition to aiding in the improvement of existing data and machine learning solutions. In practice, this entails hands-on work associated with data collection, data insight generation, data engineering, and ML engineering.

“I worked as an aerospace engineer for 10 years before I decided to switch careers into data science. My goal for this internship is to experience the work culture in Norway (which is amazing, by the way) and getting started in the data science industry with the opportunity to work with real-world data and to create business value out of data. There are so many low-hanging fruits in the world of data science and artificial intelligence because the area is still growing. But primarily, my aim for my career is to establish myself as someone who can harness the power of data and can create business value out of it.”
- Muntazir

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