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Chau Le Stabrun

June 23, 2021
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Welcome to Chau, who started as our new accountant in June. She has already become an important part of the team and spreads lots of joy around her. Her role is having the overall responsibility of the Company’s accounts, as well as ensuring that financial records and statements are in line with applicable laws, regulations and accounting principles.

Could you tell us about yourself?

Yes, so I am from Vietnam and lived there until 2011, when I decided to move to Oslo with my husband. While living in Vietnam I did a Bachelor of Science, English, Language, Arts, and Teacher Education, and worked several years as an English teacher. When I moved to Oslo I wanted to continue studying so I did another bachelor, this time within Accounting and Auditing at OsloMet. Since then I have worked at an accounting firm called Aider where I had sole responsibility for all accounting activities for close to 20 companies.

This is the first time I will be working internally, which is really exciting. There is something special around learning everything about one company, and noticing first-hand how even the tiniest alterations actually count in the long run.

What made you want to work at Marketer?

When I found the job online I thought the company seemed really exciting - and I was right. I have always wanted to work as an accountant internally, building a long-term relationship with all relevant stakeholders. I also believe it is easier to feel more ownership to the work being on the inside.

How have your first weeks been like?

I have been here for three weeks now, and it has been really great. The onboarding programme has been so well-planned, and I must say it feels quite luxurious to have two whole weeks of onboarding. It allows me to really settle in and find myself in the company, as well as learn all about the different departments.

I have gotten such a warm welcome from everyone, and they’re all so easy to talk to. There is a lot happening in this company on a daily basis, and it is fascinating to see how everyone knows exactly what to do at all times through teamwork and individual skills.

Who are you outside work?

So, me and my husband are extremely interested in cars and properties. We have moved approximately five times in the last 10 years, and I think we have switched cars three times in the last six months, haha. I would actually call it a hobby of mine. Other than that I enjoy biking, going on walks, and having friends over for dinner.

Fun fact

I actually wanted to become a makeup artist when I was younger, where I did several courses and so on. Funnily enough I ended up with something very different than that.

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