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Enguerran Licari

May 27, 2021
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Meet Enguerran, our newest Account Executive. He has worked here for a bit over a month now and is managing plenty of responsibilities already. Enguerran is from Monaco and lived there until he turned 18. He then studied Politics and Chinese in London, which ended with a Masters degree at LSE in management, specialising in innovation.

Entering work-life turned out to be quite a journey for Enguerran, living in cities such as Beijing, Hong Kong, Singapore, as well as Mandalay and Yangon in Myanmar. He moved to Oslo in February with his Norwegian wife after a summer wedding on the Côte d'Azur.

Firstly, name three things you would bring to a deserted island?

A book, a bottle of wine, and a bottle opener.

How did you come across Marketer?

I think my past work experience, and the fact that I enjoy everything about innovation across different key industries triggered me to get more into the prop-tech sector. When I lived in Myanmar I experienced the real estate industry first-hand working at a property development firm, where the focus was building hotels, co-working spaces, and renovating colonial buildings. I also worked in a Saas company within the fintech industry in London, which got me even more interested in technology and innovation. So I would say these past experiences and passion made Marketer feel like an obvious choice.

How has the first month been like?

It has been very good, I really enjoy the inclusive culture the company has. I feel lucky to work for such a big actor in the prop-tech scene, especially as everyone here is so driven and ambitious.

What is your goal as an Account Executive focusing on the French-speaking countries?

I would say my role is kind of divided into two parts. On the one hand, I work towards replicating the presence and reputation Marketer has in Norway and other countries to Switzerland, the Quebec region and especially France, as it remains the second-largest real estate market in Europe after Germany. On the other hand, I focus on the strategic side of the luxury real estate market, as I have experience with that from earlier, and I know how much that industry is in need of Marketer’s AI-driven platform.

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