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Espen Eide Solstad

June 4, 2021
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Welcome to Espen, our new Chief Financial Officer. Following 9 years as a consultant with EY, initially as an auditor and later as a transaction manager, he is now making the shift to an in-house position with us. And Marketer is very excited to have him join our team. Prior to his professional career, he completed his Masters in economics while living in Kristiansand, Oslo as well as Hong Kong during an exchange year.

What is your relationship with entrepreneurship?

I would say I usually do the opposite of taking risks, as I can imagine entrepreneurs do. However, I have always found it fascinating and the thought of starting something on my own sounds very fun, if I had the chance and guts. Other than that I have always been interested in technology as a user, and would probably choose a degree within IT if I could choose again. Even though Marketer is a bit beyond the start-up phase, I really enjoy the start-up vibe here, and to be working with such a scalable technology.

What will your role in the company be?

Well in short my role is to build and professionalise the financial department. I have a lot of experience from my previous job as I was a consultant for a lot of big companies and CFO’s, so I am very familiar with the role I am taking on. However, it will be really fascinating to focus solely on one company, especially one that is growing at such high speed.

How has the first week been like?

Very nice, a lot of exciting things to learn. I have met so many nice people, and now that restaurants and stores are open again, it all really feels like a new start.

Fun fact

I am really fond of cooking, and after living in Hong Kong I developed an appreciation for Chinese soup dumplings (Xiaolongbao). It’s so good, but really hard to make as it's actually dumplings with soup inside. So I highly recommend this for anyone who wants a challenge in the kitchen.

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