Henrik Folkestad

April 30, 2021

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Henrik started at Marketer in the beginning of April, and has already taken on a huge amount of responsibility for Marketer's growth in the US. He has a background in sales technology and management from various Norwegian tech companies, and this is his story and goals for Marketer.

Welcome to the team! How have the first weeks at Marketer been like?

Thank you so much, the first weeks have been really great. I really appreciate the people, the product, and the ambitions the company and the people have. The onboarding process has been very professional, and I must say the thing I have enjoyed the most is how smooth this corporate engine runs - all the way from ideas, development, to commercializing the product.

What made you want to work for Marketer?

I have worked with sales in B2B for more than 10 years now in several Norwegian start-up companies within Saas, focusing on both the real estate industry and international sales. For that reason, I felt like it was a perfect match. One aspect I was especially triggered by was the focus on the US market, and I am very excited to begin that exciting journey.

You are the first VP Sales US at Marketer, could you explain more about your role?

Marketer has already had clients in the US since 2019, and my role now is to accelerate our sales efforts and further structure our operations towards US agencies and developers in the real estate market. This means being part of continuing the growth of the customer base Marketer already has in the US. More specifically, I will focus on getting the right people to accelerate the market further, open offices for local presence, and provide the best customer service to our new and existing customers.

What is your ultimate goal?

I would say the ultimate goal is to duplicate a similar type of market penetration as we have managed to establish here in Norway, working closely with some of the biggest real estate companies in the US. I have a lot of experience with building high performance teams from earlier, which will also be a focus of mine when we expand further.

How is the real estate market in the US at the moment?

The market is at an all time high when it comes to demand. Almost 5 millions existing homes were sold in 2019, with an average time on the market being 22 days. The US is also the number one country in the world on overall ad-spend. For these reasons the market potential for Marketer is huge, and I believe the real estate industry is ready for our ground-breaking technology.


I am a self-appointed snow-mobile pro, carpenter, cook, and skier.

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