Oda Lind

February 27, 2020

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Meet our new Junior Customer Success Manager, Oda.

My name is Oda, or "2da" as the team has decided to call me because we are two Oda's in the team. The nickname does actually make sense in Norwegian. I started in February as the new Junior Customer Success Manager, located in the London office. I have a BA in Business Management from London, which sparked my passion for creative work combined with business. For this reason I have continuously aspired to work in an entrepreneurial environment, where there is space to develop in different directions, in a flat hierarchical structure. From day one at Marketer Technologies, there is no doubt that this has naturally become a priority.

In short about Oda

Introducing myself briefly, I would say I'm a very open-minded person, and I enjoy getting to know new people and create genuine relationships. I always have a smile on my face, and I believe everything can be solved through a positive attitude.

Her first day at Marketer Technologies

When I was in the process of applying for jobs, I put a lot of emphasis on the working environment, and as soon as I got in contact with Marketer, I got a feeling of like-mindedness. The location was also a strong contributor, as I have lived in London since 2015, and the city inspires me to be even more adventure-seeking and goal-oriented, as a centre for tech start-ups and creativity. I also found digital marketing particularly exciting during my studies and wanted to start my career in this direction.

My first day at Marketer can be described as comfortable and fun. Located in the heart of Shoreditch at a WeWork office, providing a young and creative vibe. The Marketer team is fun, warm and all-around lovely people that make you feel at home straight away. More technically, I was introduced to the digital systems and tools we use such as Google Ads and Facebook Business Manager, and I got a chance to start my learning curve straight away by assisting in controlling the quality of the marketing campaigns, as well as administrative tasks, and get an insight to everyone's responsibilities. This way I got the chance to really understand my role and set goals for myself at once, which was inspiring. I had a supervising team around me at all times, giving me advice and support, answering the million questions I had. The team is highly collaborative, and I believe I will progress rapidly with such openness and pleasant working environment.

Going forward
I look forward to expanding my skills and capabilities in Marketer, and kick-start my career within marketing. And, even though I feel like I've known the team forever already, I look forward to getting to know them more through meeting up outside work, as they are a close, sociable friendship group as well as co-workers.

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