Sindre Marken

October 7, 2021

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Meet Sindre Marken, the newest addition to our Product Department here at Marketer. Sindre has a rich background within the field of UX design, bringing a load of knowledge and experience into his new role as VP UX Design. He will be responsible for the user experience across Marketer's digital products by not only improving day-to-day interactions, but solving complex underlying challenges that bring significant value to our clients.

So Sindre, who are you?

I think audiophile, gamer, and sports nerd should cover it. I enjoy sitting at home listening to lossless music streamed via Tidal to my B&W Formation Duos. It’s not just the music that gives me the goosebumps in that scenario - it's the tech and music combined. I also love playing squash and watching football, so that is something that I do a lot. This might be the best time to be a Norwegian football fan with all the players (and manager) we have out there.

Tell us about your career journey and how you got into UX design.

Well, first of all, I am the last educated typographer in the country. I have worked in newspapers for almost ten years where I spent most of my time making advanced stories that would be easy for people to read. After that, I drifted into products and became a UX designer. I started out as a consultant, and later moved in-house working with Color Line, the largest cruise ferry line which operates on routes to and from Norway. Here, I worked mainly on creating a new way of booking a journey. My last job before joining Marketer was at one of Norway’s biggest banks, DNB, creating their new online banking platform.

What was it about Marketer that intrigued you?

I’m definitely interested in digitizing things as well as improving products. I have been doing it a lot throughout my career, so I was immediately interested after first getting in touch with and learning about Marketer. From there, I got to know the product and was introduced to the future plans. The user experience Marketer is working on is really something else, which is one of the reasons why I instantly wanted to be a part of the team. You could say the business, product, and visions had me at hello.

The user experience is at the very core of our products here at Marketer. Our clients operate with large, sometimes outdated systems, so we put great effort into making our product experience as great and trouble-free as possible. That's why our UX designers are so highly valued. I'm more than thrilled to have a heavy hitter like Sindre on board.

Christopher KøltzowChief Product Officer at Marketer

In short, what is UX design, and what do you want to achieve as Marketer’s new VP UX Design?

I would describe it as how complex matters can be broken down into pieces and be presented as a simple, understandable task or process. In short, it can be associated with the phrase “don’t make me think”. My goal here at Marketer is to build a strong in-house UX team with a good culture that can meet the needs of both the product and the business. I also wish to expand the knowledge all the other teams have about UX in the company. How I will do that specifically is not set in stone yet, but I am sure it will become more clear to me once I have a bit more time in the company.

Lastly, could you tell us your best life hack?

Listen before I speak. It’s a «hack» that has treated me good.

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