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September 10, 2021
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The innovative property portal (the Norwegian equivalent to was introduced almost a year ago, and since then numerous property developers in Norway have listed their new build projects on this marketplace. One of these developers is the Norwegian branch of Skanska, the world-leading project development and construction group which operates in the Nordic region, Europe, and the United States. Skanska offers both residenial and commercial property developments. We have had a chat with Christoffer Kyllingstad, Market Advisor at Skanska Real Estate Development in Norway, about their experiences from so far.

About Skanska

Skanska develops residential properties that are modern and provide quality, functionality, and comfort for homeowners. Furthermore, they are determined to develop their properties so that they contribute positively to a more sustainable future. The Skanska vision is to build for a better society by being environmentally responsible and creating healthy homes. Among other things, the company is pursuing BREEAM-NOR certification on all of their residential developments being built in 2020 and after. This standard is the leading environmental certification for buildings, aiming to support healthy, efficient, and sustainable living environments.

Aveny Vest

Being one of the leading property developers in Norway, the company has several exciting projects in its residential development portfolio that are either planned, under construction, or completed. The residential development project Aveny Vest in Lillestrøm is well underway, with the first stage fully completed and the move-in phase of stage two starting at the end of September this year. The third stage is expected to be completed in 2022. This project is the first of their developments to achieve the BREEAM-NOR certification. Here, everything has been handled with green solutions and energy efficiency in mind.

Skanska has listed several of their residential projects on, including Aveny Vest. The portal aims to enable smart integrations with developers by digitizing processes, resulting in simplified purchasing journeys for potential homebuyers.

“From the perspective of someone looking to buy a new home, I think this is very valuable. For many, the most important criteria when buying a new home is that it is brand new and requires little to no maintenance. can contribute to providing these homebuyers with a better overview of what is available in the market. This can make it easier for them to compare different projects and select their ideal home based on preferences such as facilities, geography, price, and other factors that play a part in the purchasing decision.”

- Christoffer Kyllingstad, Market Advisor at Skanska Real Estate Development

Marketing new build residential developments

As a leading property developer, it is important to stay up to date on the customer trends and make sure your residential development projects are visible to potential homebuyers. In a previous article, we have discussed important elements of marketing new build development projects, including the recommendation to place projects on a property portal.

“From a marketing perspective, we certainly see the value of being visible on the digital arenas that our potential homebuyers use as an important part of their decision process. So, as traffic to keeps growing, we need to make sure that we are even more visible as well.”

- Christoffer Kyllingstad, Market Advisor at Skanska Real Estate Development

Vario and Fagerlunden

Skanska currently has other developments listed on the portal as well, such as Vario and Fagerlunden. Vario is the final phase of the large development Ensjø Torg in Oslo, which used to be an old industrial site. The history of the area has been a factor when developing the exterior of the development to create a marriage between old and new. Now, it is transforming into a lively and cultural location consisting of almost 600 apartments. When planning the development Skanska asked people that potentially wanted to live in the area for input on the layout of the apartments, which resulted in a combination of different floor plans to accommodate many different needs and preferences.

Fagerlunden will be centrally located in Bærum and within attractive proximity to Oslo. Here, Skanska will build 54 apartments that are coming for sale later this fall. This development is a good example of how Skanska preserves green areas and existing trees to give their developments generous outdoor areas. Fagerlunden will be one of Skanska’s most ambitious residential projects in terms of environmental impact. For more information about these and other developments by Skanska, explore the projects on

The Boost service

In addition to listing new build projects on, Skanska has used the service Boost which creates digital marketing campaigns that increase the probability of sales success by targeting the growing number of active homebuyers on the portal.

“The projects that we have run digital marketing campaigns on through the Boost service have generated many high-quality leads that our real estate agents have followed up on. It is clear that the Boost campaigns and the portal combined have a good reach, and that is used by people that are actually looking to buy a home in a new build development project.”

- Christoffer Kyllingstad, Market Advisor at Skanska Real Estate Development

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