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SmartSale - a smart product for real estate agents to increase conversion.

September 13, 2021

    Marketer is proud to present SmartSale, a tool made exclusively for real estate agents that will help them easier secure new assignments. This product will let them demonstrate their market competence through tailored web applications automatically made for each new potential client. SmartSale will transform the interaction between broker and home-seller.

    Choosing the right real estate agent for your property sale can be both difficult and time-consuming, and home sellers are continuously given advice on what they should look for when choosing an agent. From the perspective of the real estate agent, digitalisation has increased the competition and both clients and homebuyers are now demanding more engaging experiences with more relevant and tailored content. In addition, potential clients have easier access to information and reviews about individual agents, which again affect the importance of the first interaction between the parties. SmartSale will meet the needs from both home-sellers and agents.

    SmartSale is based on Marketer’s huge amount of data, which is continuously gathered through its automated marketing campaign operations in more than 20 countries worldwide. Data on different property types, sales prices, potential buyers and any agent’s historic transactions, have made a strong foundation for the effective and innovative function of SmartSale. The product will not only increase the agent’s conversion rate but also give the home seller a completely new and engaging experience.

    Increase conversion rate

    A home-seller usually have between three to five property inspections before deciding on the right one. This is supported by the conversion rate for agents which normally is between 20-33 percent. SmartSale aims to increase this rate, and every percentage point increase in conversion rate will result in four times the return on investment in sales revenue.

    Tailored market material

    Historically, there has been little focus on innovative solutions related to the efficiency and communication between home-sellers and real estate agents. Making manual preparations such as tailored market material for the home-seller is normally too time-consuming or too expensive for the agents and is a relatively unused feature today. From a business perspective, however, this early phase of the process should be given much more dedicated attention. It can be extremely profitable for the agents by securing more assignments and it can improve the overall experience for the home-sellers. This is what Marketer now has digitalised and automated through the introduction of SmartSale.

    SmartSale is a flexible, interactive, tailored and data-driven web application that real estate agents can share with specific home-seller before an inspection. Information about the property for sale, the surrounding area, potential buyers and the agent’s previous sales will be shown in an interactive way. The agent also has the possibility to edit the content to their liking. This is how it works step by step for both agents and home-sellers:

    • The real estate agent registers an inspection with a home-seller in its CRM system, and SmartSale will automatically generate an interactive webpage ready to be shared with the home-seller.
    • The home-seller receives the interactive webpage and have the possibility to play with the interactive information blocks and see important information about their home, prices and potential buyers in the area, as well as historic information about the agent’s previous sales.
    • The agent presents itself and does the inspection of the property.
    • The home-seller reviews the offers from the different agents and will still be able to enter the SmartSale website. Since the home-seller have already interacted with the webpage, there is a natural connection that is built towards that particular agent.
    • Finally, the home-seller chooses an agent and the process of selling the property begins. Marketer is in the process of adding an integrated solution for signing the contract online via the SmartSale application.

    Marketer estimates that the use of SmartSale will increase agents’ conversion rates without interfering with their established working methods, hence giving them a huge competitive advantage. The product provides a new approach on how to choose a real estate agent, and offer an engaging experience for both parties involved.

    For more information about SmartSale, contact: or call +47 23 96 69 07

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