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Gregers Kvartal - 65% sold in 3 months.

August 23, 2021
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The sales success for the new build development Gregers Kvartal began in December 2020. Through the use of Marketer’s digital marketing platform and the combined expertise of USBL and Marketer, the results have been astonishing with 65% of the units being sold in just three months. Let's have a look at the influencing factors together with Jacqueline DuBois, Senior Digital Project Manager at USBL.

Leads vs. goal

About Gregers Kvartal

Gregers Kvartal is located in the up and coming area, Løren, where thousands of units have been built during the last few years. This particular new development project has a lot of unique characteristics, supplemented by plenty of outdoor space and green common areas. It is just as suitable for singles, young families and downsizers with its close proximity to the city centre as well as recreational areas. The immense focus on quality is reflected throughout the project, while simultaneously giving buyers freedom to create a functional home with a flexible interior style that will be experienced as a combination of modern and classical.

Technology and strategy

The sales success of Gregers Kvartal was accomplished by combining the project’s many qualities with two main factors; technology and strategy. The potential of the technology was realised through Marketer’s automated marketing solution, which made sure that all marketing campaigns were delivered to the right target audience, on the right channels, at the right time. This alone ensures successful results far above average, engaging the right target audience. In addition to this, a marketing strategy was created by Marketer’s experienced customer success managers together with USBL, both teams with many years of experience within marketing and the real estate market. Following a thorough investigation of the market and becoming acquainted with the project and its unique features, the strategy was based on a few important factors.

  • First of all, the timing of the marketing campaigns was carefully planned, especially due to the pandemic and the uncertainties that came with it
  • Second, was the ability to maintain momentum through continuous use of the right marketing techniques by for example running different types of marketing campaigns, such as a pre-launch campaign to increase awareness around the area as well as the project.
  • Third, was how traffic was guided directly to a user-friendly unit selector rather than to the main project site. This made it easier and faster for potential buyers to reserve a unit, which made a huge, positive difference in units sold.


Engagement and conversion from a property campaign are very much reliant on the visuals and communication as well as the actual attributes of the project itself. The creation of a landing page, ads for social media, as well as the ad’s texts for Gregers Kvartal was done by the Marketer team based on the graphic profile and concept created by Eberlin. The creatives were made with careful consideration to the unique features of the development project.

We have spoken to Jacqueline DuBois from USBL, as we wanted to know more about her thoughts around the sales success and the future of digital marketing in real estate.

From your perspective, what factors in the digital marketing strategy enabled the project to sell as much as 65% in three months?

I believe our multi channel approach has been important not only for creating adequate awareness, but also authority and credibility in a competitive market.

What difference do you notice between the use of digital marketing of real estate and the more traditional marketing activities?

Volume and targeting. With digital marketing you are able to reach more people with less money. In addition, the targeting is continuously improving as more and more data about our target audience is gathered. Being able to customize and show our ads to relevant buyers has been key to achieving a good return on investment on our digital advertising investments.

What are your thoughts on the future of digital marketing in the real estate industry?

As with most industries, the digital shift is not going anywhere. During the pandemic we’ve seen the need for a solid digital strategy becoming increasingly important. Consumers are now used to travelling down the entire sales funnel from the comfort of their couch. Digital platforms have become the primary way to both find, advertise and sell real estate. Looking forward, consumers will expect a high quality digital experience that directly reflects their customer journey. For the majority of these buyers, this begins with the ads they are exposed to, and where these ads redirect them.

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