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Rosenholm Campus - Achieving astonishing results in commercial real estate

December 22, 2021
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Unless you have a broad network of relevant and potential clients at hand, connecting with the right audience in the commercial real estate industry can be a challenge. In order to efficiently reach out to potential new clients, a good digital marketing strategy combined with rich data is vital. Read on for more insight into how digital marketing for commercial real estate is gaining importance and how the company Aspelin Ramm is working together with Marketer to achieve success in the industry.

High-quality leads
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About Rosenholm Campus

Approximately 15 minutes by car or train from Oslo you will find Rosenholm Campus - the largest workplace on the south side of the capital which is owned by the Norwegian real estate development company Aspelin Ramm. The building offers flexible and tailored solutions for businesses looking for office space, whether the business consists of one or a hundred employees. Anything from office hotels, coworking spaces, and start-up spaces to cell offices and tailored offices can be leased in Rosenholm Campus which today houses over 130 tenants and 1100 people.

Digital marketing for commercial real estate

How can commercial real estate companies stand out from the crowd online and attract tenants? Most importantly, it requires a strong focus on branding as well as a deep understanding of the target group and its needs. That way they can show the right audience that they have what they are looking for when they are in need of it. Running ads in relevant digital channels is a good way to get exposure and build brand awareness, while at the same time driving traffic to a landing page for conversion. This entails targeting the right audience, in the right channel, at the right time.

“While smart targeting is key for residential properties, it is even more important for commercial real estate. The target audience (decision-makers) is more narrow, and the timing and channel for exposure become critical as the propensity to consider the object is limited to certain moments. At Marketer, we have the data and technology to make that happen.”
- Martin Kvarberg, COO at Marketer

Not having to waste time and money on advertising to an audience that is not interested in the company’s offering is the key to maximizing the return on investment for marketing activities. However, it requires a clear strategy and continuous optimization to ensure the best results possible.

Creating efficient campaigns in collaboration with Marketer

Aspelin Ramm has run two campaigns with Marketer for Rosenholm Campus. In collaboration with Aspelin Ramm, three target groups that were tailored for the offerings of Rosenholm Campus were established: Business owners, businesses with large offices, and CEOs. The target groups were differentiated through unique and detailed targeting in different digital channels such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Google. Furthermore, the message was shaped by close cooperation between Aspelin Ramm and Marketer, leading to customized creatives and copy for the ads of each target group.

To measure the effectiveness of the targeting, different geographical areas for the campaign were tested. This way the results could be evaluated continuously, and underperforming locations were eliminated. Throughout the campaign, more data was collected and analyzed for improvement and optimization. In addition, lookalike and retargeting audiences were included in order to stay top of mind among the relevant audience. Halfway through the campaigns, a thorough analysis of the results was undertaken, hence ads, target groups, geographical areas, and copy were evaluated. Based on this, Marketer’s Customer Success team was able to make adjustments that generated improved results in the last half of the campaign period.

“Great cooperation between Rosenholm Campus (Aspelin Ramm) and Marketer allowed for rapid feedback on our recommendations so that we could implement changes effectively throughout the campaigns.”
- Christian Schartum, Customer Success Manager at Marketer

The results generated after two campaigns were nothing less than astonishing. Altogether the campaigns generated 309 747 views, 814 clicks, and 10 high-quality leads. Out of the 10 leads, four of them have already signed on as tenants, leading to a conversion rate of 40%.

“For us, it was important to find a partner who could proactively contribute to our marketing campaigns. Marketer’s digital competence helped us create a tailored strategy that enabled us to reach the target audience. We are very satisfied with the results from the campaigns which landed us several signed leases.”
- Mona Aarebrot, COO at Aspelin Ramm

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