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Sylvain Marengere

August 17, 2022
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Say hello to our Lead UX Designer, Sylvain Marengere. He has been working at Marketer since February 2022, but during the summer, the Canadian took a big step and moved all the way to Oslo together with his family. Let's get to know this happy camper a bit more!

(Fun fact) What is the largest difference between living in Norway compared to Canada?

Norway and Canada are very similar on so many levels. However, if I compared Oslo to Montreal, I would say that the closeness to nature is different. While having to drive 1-2 hours to go camping outside of Montreal, in Oslo, and even downtown, you always cross paths with people packing camping gear and heading to nature. That touches my happy camper heart🏕

And not to mention the lack of darkness at night during July - that is probably the most incredible experience I have had so far🌜

Tell us a bit about your background.

Since 2005, I have held the roles of Art Director and Digital Strategist for various clients, always focusing on user experience and monetization. I have worked as a consultant and freelancer in different fields (retail, B2B, content monetization, services, and electronic products). During this time, I have acquired solid knowledge in content strategy, persona development, user-centric design, accessibility, information architecture, and traffic acquisition.

Why did you choose Marketer?

Working at Marketer felt like a natural match, like the piece of the puzzle was falling in placeđŸ§© During the last fifteen years, I have visited friends that have moved to Oslo, and I immediately fell in love with the city. After covid, I realized the importance of time, and I decided to stop delaying the project and started looking at companies in Norway. After learning about the company’s mission and products, I knew I was destined to work at Marketer.

In the last years, I have significantly acquired solid knowledge about creating robust design systems, complex component design, data-heavy dashboards, and continuous improvement based on user research. Marketer is the ideal environment to put these skills to use and be a valuable part of the winning team.

How has it been working at Marketer so far?

My gut feeling was right, and I’m at my place within this team. My role is to support the design team, optimize the design process, facilitate design hand-off, push for industry best practices, and communicate about UX to the other departments. I truly feel my experience is put to work, and I am excited for the time ahead.

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