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The Power of Teamwork and Innovation in Real Estate 3D Visualization

April 4, 2023
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The real estate industry heavily relies on visuals to promote and sell properties, particularly when they are still under construction. High-quality 3D visualizations have become essential marketing tools for developers and agents, enabling them to generate interest among potential buyers. EVE Visual Technologies specializes in creating visualizations for the real estate industry, mainly operating in Norway and Germany. They are at the forefront of 3D technology in delivering photorealistic visualizations and true-to-detail digital environments.

Michele Puliga, managing director of EVE Visual Technologies, emphasized the importance of teamwork within their company during an industry event called "InBetweeness." He shared that a successful outcome relies on collaboration between skilled individuals with diverse backgrounds working together toward a common goal.

Streamlining production processes for efficiency

To address clients' complex requirements effectively and efficiently requires close collaboration between team members with complementary skills. Companies like EVE recognize this reality by embracing collaboration across diverse teams while adapting structures when needed; ensuring they remain relevant players within the ever-changing landscape of real estate visualization.

EVE has been structured to secure a more efficient workflow in line with today´s changes in the industry. The responsibilities were distributed among Project Managers and teams, allowing for a more efficient allocation of resources. This shift also encouraged greater collaboration between artists across different departments by breaking down rigid boundaries.

Further, EVE aims to train its artists to handle a wider range of tasks within various departments while streamlining production processes. The strict division between 3D interior and 2D interior artists has been eliminated, enabling 3D artists to complete post-production work as well. This transition provides new challenges but ultimately empowers the team with greater creative freedom.

The company’s services include classic 3D images for exteriors or interiors, animations, property pickers for user navigation or purchasing future apartments, and 360° panoramas – offerings that aim to give clients a competitive advantage in an oversaturated market.

Beyond visualization services to meet client needs

To address clients' diverse needs beyond visualization services – such as website development, marketing materials, and CRM applications – EVE joined the Marketer group in 2022. By focusing on teamwork both internally at EVE and externally through collaboration with partner companies within the Marketer group, they provide comprehensive solutions tailored specifically for every client's needs.

In conclusion, success in real estate visualization goes beyond having advanced tools or technology; it requires building a team that understands how best to use them collectively. Companies like EVE demonstrate how fostering collaboration among professionals creates exceptional results while ensuring reliability and adaptability in an ever-changing market landscape.

If you want to know more about our 3D visualization offerings, read more here.

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