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The importance of our Customer Success team in an ever-changing SaaS industry

March 7, 2022
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In the rapidly changing proptech landscape it is vital to be up to date on current market trends and ready for adjustments regarding new technologies and customer needs. For the Customer Success team, this means being adaptable to changes and constantly seeking out opportunities in order to help the customers reach their goals.

Customer Success is an essential part of a company’s growth. To have a successful business and increase revenue is not just about attracting new customers, but also being able to actually build a genuine relationship with existing customers and guide them to successfully use your products, thus reducing churn. Due to a constantly changing SaaS landscape, it is also vital to have a team that can be a safe place for the customers. We wanted to dedicate this article to introduce the proficient Customer Success team at Marketer and briefly tap into how they work, as they are our client’s most trusted advisors regarding the services we deliver.

What is Customer Success?

The overall responsibility of Marketer’s Customer Success team is having direct contact with the customers and understanding them on a deeper level, as well as advising and guiding them through the proptech world. The Customer Support and Customer Success roles are somewhat similar and therefore easily mixed. The difference is that Customer Support works in a reactive way, taking care of the immediate issues raised, while Customer Success is proactive. Being proactive means that they anticipate potential problems and seek out opportunities tailored for the specific customer, guiding them to success.

Combining the team's strong knowledge within real estate and marketing with their understanding of our customer's needs, they ensure that our products are being developed based on direct feedback. Another important initiative the Customer Success team actively carries out in order to be proactive is to stay updated on the latest and relevant market trends. With the proper research and findings, they are more equipped to make predictions and polish future strategic plans for the customers.

Working as a CSM is such an inspiring role as every customer and case is unique, which brings a lot of purpose into the work we do. Every day at Marketer is different than the one before, and my international and talented colleagues are a big reason for that. We are all driven by the high-paced, innovative work environment.
- Åse Mari Hidem – Customer Success Manager at Marketer

The importance of interdisciplinary teams

As our state-of-the-art technical solutions are continuously optimised, the Customer Success team collaborates closely with the product and development teams to constantly increase their knowledge and acquire a deeper understanding of the technological functions. This puts them in the perfect position to give advice to the customers during onboarding or when they need assistance, in addition to making informed decisions when executing marketing strategies. It also works the other way around as the Customer Success team knows what the customers prefer and appreciate about the products, and can act as a voice for the customers, advocating their needs and painting a picture to other teams of what should be adapted and why.

The Customer Success team also joins forces with the Account Executives and sales department for the purpose of transparency, being updated on all activities regarding new and existing customers, and cross-functional synergies. With clients based all over the world, it is important to have specialised interdisciplinary teams working together towards the different geographical areas.

Our AI-powered platform

Marketer’s well-received platform for digital marketing of real estate is where our Customer Success Manager's marketing strategies are implemented. Although the platform is automated and powered by artificial intelligence, our employees are always making sure everything is executed correctly throughout the campaign period in order to achieve actual sales success, as well as continuously monitoring the results to make any changes or adaptations.

The Customer Success Managers use their extensive expertise within real estate and digital marketing to tailor marketing strategies together with the customers. They are based on the type of real estate, time of the year, audience, location and goal. From there our digital platform takes care of the rest, targeting the right audience with customised ads and visuals, at the right time, and in the right places. Targeting the right audience results in faster sales, which is what we consider a sales success - reaching and converting quality leads.

Our products and services are specialised within two segments; real estate agencies and real estate developers. Our Customer Success Managers are divided into teams concentrating on one or the other. The segments require different strategies, and we have several tailored products that meet the needs of agencies and developers before, during and after a property sale.

Join us on our exciting journey

We are looking for more talents to join our Customer Success team! Go to our career page to read more about the open positions.

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