What is it like to work in our Customer Success Team?

January 6, 2021

  • Marketer

The Customer Success Team at Marketer consists of ambitious, solution-oriented and flexible team players.

As the company grows, so does our Customer Success Team. The team currently consists of both Strategy Consultants and Solutions Engineers and our prime role is to ensure the optimal success of each and every client delivery. We ensure that Marketer’s technical solutions are customised to each of our customers’ expectations and work towards maintaining strong customer relationships. Further, we establish marketing strategies and run campaigns for real estate projects of all sizes.

Marketer opens new doors in real estate marketing

The overall goal for the team is to fulfil or surpass the expectations of our customers, and this is something we work towards every single day. By maintaining a close dialog with our customers while working closely with Marketer’s internal developers, we ensure that the implementation of our technical solutions align with customers expectations.

We customise strategic marketing solutions for each customer and potentially for each project campaign. Certain projects may require up to six months of marketing before the actual sales process is initiated, and then it is absolutely essential that the marketing is executed correctly throughout the campaign period in order to achieve actual sales success.

Every day is different and we work with a broad range of exciting customers. Even though our main market is still in Norway, the growth of the company leads to a stronger presence abroad - particularly in the rest of Scandinavia, the US, Australia and Great Britain.

Would you like to become a part of the Customer Success Team?

In accordance with the steep growth of the company, we are looking for more team players with high personal ambitions. All members of our team work closely together across multiple tasks and various projects, which in turn fuel our team-spirit and internal enthusiasm. It shall always be joyful, stimulating and rewarding to work at Marketer, on both a professional and social level. Last year for example, the whole team went on a trip to Barcelona because of the successful completion of a sales target.

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