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What is UX Design and why is it so important in real estate transactions?

October 20, 2021
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The concept of User Experience Design (UX Design) can be explained as the process of enhancing a user experience, creating a meaningful and intuitive interaction for all users. As this explanation indicates, the concept entails several dimensions such as visual design, interaction design, and usability to mention a few. This article will explain the importance of UX Design within real estate transactions.

UX Design in real estate transactions

For the individuals involved at each end of any real estate transaction, the selling and buying of homes are of great importance and high value. From a broker’s or developer’s perspective, when using digital marketing as the main sales tool, gathering information about leads is key to reaching potential buyers and understanding the target audience. There are potentially many ways a visitor could be impacted negatively when they interact with an online prospect or website. If you have a website that comes across as complicated, your registration process is not intuitive or stable, or any other characteristic that gives the visitor a negative experience will strongly influence your ability to retain the interest from your visitors. And most likely not just for that particular project or house, but also for other future projects. Each visitor leaving your website due to negative user experiences means losing a potential buyer for all the wrong reasons.

People are getting more and more sophisticated and demanding with respect to what they require from e-Commerce and online store solutions, and there are no longer any exceptions for the real estate industry. As the potential value attained from each individual visitor is substantial, the importance of UX Design in real estate transaction solutions is huge. If your business is trying to move ahead of the competition, the advantages of taking UX Design matters seriously will have a great impact on both your immediate results as well as for your long-term reputation.

UX Design at Marketer

At Marketer, we invest heavily in the user experiences delivered through our products and are continuously working to update and improve our platform to the advantage of both our clients and their customers. Our latest product, M360, is an end-to-end platform solution with people, data, and privacy at the heart. The platform is developed for the next level of real estate as an e-Commerce experience for data analysis, marketing, sales transactions, and aftermarket handling. It would not be possible to create such an advanced platform without our own skilled UX Designers, as they strive to design the best experience for every user, while also changing and influencing the global real estate industry.

We want our users to feel empowered by our products. By making sure all processes are intuitive and the user experience provides context and comfort, we can achieve exactly that.
- Christopher Køltzow, Chief Product Officer at Marketer

We are hiring

We are always searching for new inspiring talent, and as we continue to develop and expand at a rapid pace, we are now looking for a number of new UX Designers to join our growing team, both on a junior and senior level. We have long experience with UX Design both in-house and collaborating with partners, and are now building an even stronger in-house environment. At Marketer you will work closely with our experienced development team and project leaders, being a vital part of planning and creating new digital products. You will also be able to use your current expertise and innovative ideas to enhance our existing products and user experiences. This is a perfect opportunity to learn more and grow your career as you will be given meaningful responsibility from the start while getting valuable insights from our experts within the field.

Does this sound like the perfect opportunity for you or someone you know? Click here to read more about the positions and get in touch with us.

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