Communications & documentation

Enable efficient communication between all project stakeholders in the after-sales process, and ensure full control over all relevant documents. Leave the customer with the overview they deserve.

✔️ Boost efficiency

✔️ Save labor and reduce cost

✔️ Increase customer satisfaction

Control the after sales process with efficient communication and handling of documents

Our after-sales solution, Journey, is an all-in-one software solution for handling the entire after-sales process end-to-end. The communication & documentation module enables efficient communication between all stakeholders. In addition, the module allows for efficient sharing and storing of documents related to the purchase.

Easily manage all communication

Keep the buyer updated with project updates, timelines, photos, etc., and manage the communication between all project stakeholders in our solution. You can invite to and conduct inspections and meeting directly from the solution.

Keep the home buyer up to date

The home buyer gets access to a user-friendly application, where they can communicate with stakeholders - the entrepreneur, the developer, or the assigned electrician. In addition, the home buyer will get an overview of outstanding tasks and upcoming meetings.

Share and store documents related to the purchase

The document sharing feature was added to our solution to increase stakeholders' transparency and give the home buyer the overview they deserve.

Gather valuable data and let the home buyer be part of the process

You can launch surveys and polls in the solution - to let the customer be part of decisions related to the project or to get real-time feedback on the process. In addition, you can collect google reviews to strengthen your brand.

Reduce costs and increase customer satisfaction

Using our after-sales solution, you can save labor through efficient communication and reduce costs from fewer complaints/disputes from buyers. In addition, the improved feedback cycle from surveys and polls gives invaluable insights and data that can be used to optimize future projects.

The customer gets the overview they deserve and will feel involved in the process, which can boost customer satisfaction and brand value.

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