Digital showroom

Give potential homebuyers the possibility to design their future home and get an instant 3D visualization of the result.

✔️ Decrease cost

✔️ Increase number of leads

✔️ Increase conversion rate

Provide the home buyer with control and flexibility

Let home buyers specify the units they like and experience instant 3D visualization of how it will look – change the tiles, upgrade the bathtub and sink color and see how it matches. The car industry has already implemented 3D in the purchasing process – we do the same for real estate.

Allow the home buyers to create the perfect home before purchase

Before purchasing, the customer can start specifying the units they are interested in and get an instant visualization of the results - either as packages or full customization. The digital showroom can be linked to the property picker, creating an even more frictionless customer journey.

The homebuyer will need to log in to store the information. Which will invest them in the process and create additional leads for the developer.

... and finalize the customization process after purchase

After purchasing the unit, the customer can continue their customization from our Journey-app - and complete the purchase of upgrades. Still, with the possibility of getting instant 3D visualization of the result.

Increase customer reach and boost spending on add-on sales

With a digital showroom, you will not have the same restrictions on customer reach as you typically have with physical showrooms. Potential home buyers can explore the newbuild project online anywhere in the world.

In addition, a digital showroom will increase comfort in the buying process and the amount spent on add-on sales, as home buyers can instantly visualize the result of their customizations.

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