Property Explorer

Visualize your inventory to potential buyers—an easy-to-use solution for producing the most powerful property navigation experience.

✔️ Increase number of leads

✔️ Increase conversion rate

✔️ Boost data and insights

The most user-friendly way to showcase your inventory

Our property explorer is an easy-to-use tool for showcasing the units inventory. The property explorer builds trust, as the home buyer can see where the property is situated, combined with the price and the floor plans. The solution integrates seamlessly on your website and can easily be created and launched from M360.

Intuitive and easy to set up

For the developer, the property explorer provides an intuitive and precise drawing function for marking properties on images with useful instructions and tips from start to finish.

Our property explorer supports creating new property data structures directly in the solution and lets you preview the end-user experience with desktop, tablet, and mobile support. Developers can set up the property picker themselves, or we can do it for you.

Easy to use

The home buyer receives a customer-friendly user experience, with smart filtering options and behavior-based recommendations, support for a favoriting and side-by-side comparison of project units, and the opportunity to reserve or buy units directly from the property explorer (if our checkout solution is enabled).

Benefit from unique insights on user behavior

The property explorer is excellent to use in marketing to understand the interest in the project and the different units relative to each other. The data generated for a property picker can be used to optimize campaigns on an ongoing basis. Optimize current and future projects by analyzing user behavior, based on user interactions.

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