Targeted marketing

Leverage our unique AI-driven targeted marketing solution to optimize marketing efforts and increase sales rates.

✔️ Increase number of leads

✔️ Optimized marketing budget

✔️ Stronger brand awareness

M360 offers market leading solutions for real estate marketing

Several years of technology development and a collection of unique and proprietary datasets enable us to provide best-in-class systems for AI-driven targeted marketing. This includes live optimization of budgets between various channels and identified target audience groups - fully tailor-made for real estate.

Smarter and better marketing management

Achieve smoother and more efficient campaign management through all phases of marketing. With M360, you can launch campaigns to promote the entire project, specific sales stages, or specific units - all based on your want and needs to sell the units at the optimal rate and the highest possible price.

M360 supplies you with recommended campaign duration based on project data, historical campaign data, objectives, and budget. It also gives smart guidance on the budget for best value optimization.

More leads, optimized marketing budget and increased brand awareness

Our solution automatically generates target groups based on the project's qualities - proven models developed from 100,000s of campaigns, market data, and external data sources. The developer can follow the campaigns' development in real-time and compare results with defined objectives. Targeted marketing can lead to an increased number of leads, an optimized marketing budget, and stronger brand awareness.

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