Newbuild advisory

With years of experience in real estate development and brokerage, as well as data scientists and marketing experts, we use our domain knowledge combined with data and statistics to create the best outcomes for your project.

We assist developers in the early stages of a newbuild project to optimize the end result

With our large data base and broad market experience, we conduct a thorough market analysis of the area your next project is in, and assist with recommendations on housing composition (unit mix), floor plans and qualities that are sought after for the identified target groups. In addition, we give recommendations on pricing strategies to get the most out of your planned project.

Removing the guesswork from the equation

We provide transactional and geographic analysis combined with marketing data to enable fact-based decisions. We can advise on everything from sales income potentials to housing mix to maximize income.

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Other services we offer

At Marketer, we offer various services to help developers showcase their projects in the best possible way. Read more about our in-house services and partner agencies.

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