Partner agencies

With the best agencies in the industry, we can provide top-tier creative, digital, and communication services for your newbuild project.

Combining top-level expertise with creativity and design

Our partner agencies have extensive and specific knowledge of the real estate market and its customer groups. We pride ourselves on helping you tailor a communication strategy, concept, and profile while lifting the impression of both your real estate project and your brand with the right graphic elements.

Find out which agency suits you the best. We can also guide you in the right direction!​

vY Communication

vY is an advertising and communications agency that assists property developers and brokers in marketing new housing projects. They are one of the market leaders in their niche and work with many of the largest customers in Norway.​

The product and service delivery extends all the way from concept and graphic profiles to 3D visualizations, websites, housing selectors, VR, film, and everything within printed media.

In addition, Marketer owns two of the world's leading 3D agencies, Brick Visual in Budapest and EVE Visual Technologies in Berlin, that collaborate with vY to deliver photorealistic visualizations.​


TRY is a full-service digital agency focusing on creating powerful and award-winning digital services and solutions. With services including CRO, UX/UI, development, design, and data-driven marketing, they provide every digital solution your business needs to fuel its growth.​

TRY has a team of 400 employees with broad expertise, and with its diverse experts, they always tailor a team to the task, across different areas of skills. Their in-house capabilities range from creatives, designers, consultants, and full-stack developers.​

The internationally award-winning agency has also been awarded Norway's best agency 20 years in a row and counting. TRY is therefore the most reputable and iconic agency in Norway.​


Fortress is a full-service creative agency that offers services in visual and graphic design for all digital and traditional surfaces, social media content production, campaign development, and branding.

In addition, they have a skilled web development department that creates customized websites and web design. Fortress are strong in design and digital communication and are passionate about delivering the best and most creative solutions for their customers.​


Blake and friends is a branding agency that develops strategically based advertising, design, and digital solutions. They know the property market better than most and work with products and services for the people in the city. That is why it is said that Blake builds brands that develop the city.

At Blake, you will find meritorious resources with backgrounds from Norway's top agencies and from the client side, with strong and unique brand, sales, and strategy expertise.​


A2N is a communication and digital agency centralized in Oslo. They have over 20 years of experience in the industry and serve small and medium-sized businesses with websites, communication, and digital marketing.​

Being one of Norway's longest-living web agencies and developed well over 1,000 websites over the years, A2N offers marketing with a passion for results.


Iteo are a total supplier of B2B communications services. By building brands, they assist your business and projects throughout the entire sales funnel, from the end of Google all the way down to conversion.​ Attract your target groups with the right messages and find the best ways to meet your brand goals.

Their offerings range from strategy and consulting, performance marketing, web design and graphic design, SEO, inbound marketing, and content and PR.


Breakfast is an agency based in the middle of Tønsberg with clients all over Norway. By combining talent with experience and a variety of knowledge, Breakfast creates solutions that deliver results and visibility.​

They have skills in concept development, strategies, design, film, SoMe, SEO, and branding that will get brands up and running.


Tada is a creative agency building brands for ambitious clients. Being one of the largest agencies in western Norway, Tada puts creative ideas to work for businesses through sound strategy, stand-out design, and powerful code.

The award-winning agency’s capabilities range from creatives, writers, designers, strategists, and developers, all focused on creating remarkable results for their clients. Tada’s relationship with property developers and the real estate market goes back 40 years, and that experience continues to bring success to development projects of every size and complexity.


Cure is a design consultancy that designs and creates solutions to be seen, liked, and heard. Their plan is: No cure, no pay. Since 2016, they have cured several businesses with their deliveries of visual identity, digital marketing, and web design.

This team loves to see progress and is motivated by pleasant customer journeys and experiences, as well as visually beautiful expressions. Cure creates long and sustainable customer relationships with good design.


Aptum is a communication and digital agency that offers a wide range of services, including advertising, concept development, strategic design, communication consulting, web development, and digital marketing.

The agency is the result of a merger between Aptum and Webcode, two companies with complementary expertise. Today, Aptum has 33 dedicated employees who work together to create creative and sales-oriented solutions based on high professional integrity and deep insights into each customer's product or service.

Riktig Spor

Established in 2008, Riktig Spor is a design and communication agency with offices in Bodø, Narvik, and Mo i Rana. They primarily focus on the Northern Norway market and are passionate about building powerful brands for clients of all sizes.

The team consists of experienced professionals from the industry who provide their clients with exceptional expertise, dedication, and creativity. Riktig Spor's consultants and designers work closely to seamlessly integrate strategy, messaging, and visual expression.

Want to become a partner?

As a partner agency of Marketer, you will be able to take a unique position as a real estate specialist, with top tier technology

Offer more to potential customers

Offer more to potential customers

As an agency partner, you are one of our selected partners who can use Marketer's technology in sales to customers. You are in a strong position in the competition for customers who use Marketer's products on their entire portfolio or who want to test for a selected project.

Become a real estate specialist

Become a real estate specialist

Through our channels and products, we enable our partners to take a position of knowledge towards the customer as a specialist in the real estate market. With data from our own clients as well as aggregated data from Marketer, you can take an advisory role towards real estate clients.

We take care of the technology

We take care of the technology

As our agency partner, you will automatically cover future technology gaps to competitors and save costs on your own (further) development of e.g. home selector and checkout. We keep up with trends and work exclusively to improve technology, so you can do what you do best.

Reduce repetitive and tedious work

Reduce repetitive and tedious work

With Marketer's products, you can spend less time on administration and reporting, and more on creative and customer-oriented work. Among other things, we automate both distributions of campaigns and adspend across channels and make it easier to report results through our dashboards.

Other services we offer

At Marketer, we offer various services to help developers showcase their projects in the best possible way. Read more about our in-house services and partner agencies.

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