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Journey digitalizes the post-sale process, significantly improving the developer’s operation while increasing customer satisfaction. Transform the post-sale process from a necessary evil to a core business asset for any real estate developer. Created for developers - by developers.

Building digital tools that simplify the critical phase after a newbuild home has been sold

Streamline the after-sales process for newbuild projects

A modern, unified, and data-driven experience for managing projects and key stakeholders.



Collaborate with all your key stakeholders and keep the communication direct and in one channel. Role-based permissions ensures access to the right person.



Easy sharing of all relevant documents, whether it is a contract or the entire FDV, is a powerful tool for all project participants.



Unfortunately buyers of new builds are among the least happy. We help you take care of your customers, so they can take care of your brand.



Keep track of all issues. Both buyers and project stakeholders can report issues and document them clearly with floor plan markings, photos etc.



Dive into the data collected throughout the customer journey, and identify insights and context across projects, sales stages, buildings and units.

We improve the most important journey in life

Buying real estate is for many the largest and most important purchase in life, yet buyers of newbuild homes are among the least satisfied, primarily due to poor experiences in the post-sale process.

Journey transforms the post-sales process from a time-consuming chore to a core business asset for any real estate developer, while giving buyers the experience they deserve.

Receive and read updates

Keep your buyers updated with photos or camera feeds from the construction site. Share updates efficiently with predefined templates.

Project timelines and FAQs also ensures that the customer is well informed, keeping them happy while minimizing requests to the project manager.

Part of the Marketer® portfolio

Journey is an end-to-end platform for managing all aspects of the post-sale process, from the time of purchase to 100 years after move-in.

Being part of the Marketer portfolio, the entire real estate developers' process is supported, delivering solutions that follow the customer from before they know they want a new home until they live there. Read more about our products.

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