Leverage data and machine learning systems to support developers

on what to build and how to price units.

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Optimize what you build and pricing strategy

Based on demographic, income, and wealth data, it is possible to determine the potential buyer pool size for any project accurately. Combining this with information on historical, ongoing, and planned newbuild projects, including selling time, selling price, and unit mix, you have an excellent starting point to determine what to build and the pricing strategy for your project.

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Key information about supply and demand in the area

Features include a map with an overview of historic and ongoing newbuild projects in each area (what has been built, price development over time, sales times, etc.), an overview of newbuild projects scheduled in the future, and a forecast on future property mix – to get insight on what you should build to cover demand.

Valuable insights to set the optimal price provides information about the average m² price you can expect for your project, the expected selling time range, and what unit types are more likely to be popular (either selling faster or for a higher m² price).

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