We provide the capacity to integrate and execute strategy

The driving force towards a seamless growth journey

The strategy department’s main focus is to contribute to enabling and accelerating Marketer’s already rapid growth. Our work spans from handling transactions and expansion opportunities to improve internal efficiency.

We strongly focus on how we can facilitate the growth of the company without compromising on innovation, agility, and operational efficiency.

"In such a young and fast-moving industry with new players entering the market continuously, new technologies emerging, and indefinite roads to pursue - a well-defined strategy is key. My team has the important role of making this journey as seamless as possible, and more importantly, making sure that we reach our strategic and financial ambitions."

Ludvig Kraft

Head of Strategy

Offering key customers advice in digital optimization

Within the Strategy department is Marketer Consulting Services, who assists key customers with analysis and best practices related to data/tech strategy and customer journey optimization.

Our team has solid experience in implementing Digital Due Diligence, MarTech analysis, establishing Tech & Data strategy and as a «trusted advisor» in follow-up with customers and partners.

We are looking for more talent

We are looking for people who want help us in reaching our strategic and financial ambitions and to transform the future of Marketer and the real estate industry. As a part of the strategy department, you play a key role in shaping the Marketer of tomorrow. You will work closely with decision makers and the rest of the organisation, as well as having the opportunity to influence key decisions.

We promise to offer you a versatile workday and a large degree of freedom, as well as facilitating your success at Marketer.

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