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Making real estate sales hassle-free for everyone.

At Marketer, we bring together human expertise with data-driven insights to provide automated services and one-click marketing tools that will revolutionize global real estate transactions.

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We build on the best of two worlds: Data driven insight and human curiosity.

Our Story

Launched in 2016, we are one of Europes leading proptech companies providing digital marketing services for one third of Norway's real estate. We offer unique SaaS digital marketing solutions and partner with prominent real estate agencies and property developers in more than 20 countries, across 6 continents.

Our solutions

Our prop-tech solutions are designed to give you maximum results with minimum manual input. These automated services can handle everything from target audience and market trends, to content design, ad space and media purchase as well as continually reviewing and optimizing marketing performance.

Our values

We develop new technology to create easy-to-implement automated services designed to make marketing more efficient, reduce spam and drive sales to give our clients measurably better results.

We use data, research, fact-based insights and analytics to adapt our services accordingly, ensuring we always offer the best digital solutions for the real estate industry.

We welcome open and honest conversations from our clients inviting them to hold us accountable for our services; from the products we offer to our employees’ performance.

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Make sure the highest bidders come knocking every time – automated marketing solutions designed to sell your real estate faster.

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